If you have performed takeoffs on a plan and determine that the previously set scale is incorrect you do not have to start all over.  You can correct the scale and the STACK will recalculate your measurements.  

Follow these steps to correct the scale in STACK:

  1. Select the Edit button
  2. Select the Multi select button

 3. Draw a rectangle around the desired takeoffs or entire plan page. This will "select" the chosen area.

Once you are in Multi select edit mode follow these steps

  1. Select the scale button
  2. Select Standard Scale
  3. Using the drop down window, select your new scale

If a standard scale will not work for you then you will need to calibrate to a known distance.

  1. Find the scale graphic or a marked distance on the plan

2. Click on the Scale button in the lower-right corner

3. Enter the dimension shown on the scale graphic or plan element into the input box

4. Click Ok, then click two points on the plan to measure the known distance

Your Calibrated scale will be found under Custom in your Standard Scale list

After creating this custom scale you will repeat the Multi select portion above to choose your newly created scale.

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