STACK Labels allow you to  group your takeoffs/data any way you like.  

You can group by room, building, floor, elevation, phase or anyway your project workflow requires.

Start by creating a takeoff or selecting an existing one.

You will see the Labels section at the bottom left of your screen. From here, you can create the name of your label group for this project and add the label names. Put the name of your label group (i.e., Elevation) and select "+ Add Label" to add label names

Type in your label names and press Enter or click the + sign to add them to the list. The label names can be edited, deleted, or organized as needed. Simply click and type to edit, click the X to delete, and move to the drag tool to reorder. 

Once your labels are made, you can apply them to your measurements. Use the drop down list to apply your label. Select "Finish Measuring" when done

After all your labels are applied, now you can group your templates. Click the drop down menu on "Group by" and select how you wish to group your takeoffs. 

Your takeoffs will now grouped

You can continue to group by as many labels as you need. Click on the "Group by" drop down again to add more labels

In the Reports section, click "Grouping" and choose your label group name.  Your data will now be grouped by the corresponding label

You can group up to two labels in the Reports section

Once you have applied your label groups, you will see your measurements broken down by each label in the report. Open the file in Excel to perform a more in-depth analysis

The default in the Reports section is to show the data for the entire project.

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