We work hard everyday to make STACK as fast and efficient as possible. We've done a pretty good job at this, but since STACK runs in a web browser it's performance depends on several things:

  • The speed of your device
  • The web browser you're using
  • The speed and reliability of your internet connection
  • Browser add-ins / toolbars / firewalls that you have installed
  • The size of the project you're working on (number of measurements, plans, takeoffs)


Just like any tool, your computer or tablet requires maintenance and eventually replacement. If you're using a computer that is more than 5 years old, it's likely that you'll see better performance from STACK, and get your work done faster, if you replace it.

Web Browser

We recommend you use Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge. If you are using Internet Explorer please download one of the above, you'll see STACK immediately run faster.

Internet Speed

Follow our step-by-step guide here to check your internet connection.

Project Size Considerations

When you open a project in STACK, it loads the data for that project into your web browser. Large projects with lots of data will run slower than small projects. On an average device, you should see fast STACK performance with:

  • 100 or fewer takeoff templates
  • 1000 or fewer measurements

On an average device, you should see acceptable STACK performance with up to:

  • 300 takeoff templates
  • 5000 or fewer measurements

You can make STACK projects that are larger than this, but performance will degrade as the project gets larger. For better performance, split really big projects up into 2 or more STACK projects.

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