At STACK, helping our construction users to grow their win rate and overall profit are top priorities. To help do just that, we are excited to partner with plan room and construction news outlets that allow us to share select project information for actively bidding projects. 

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions our users ask:

Why did I receive an alert?

STACK delivers select project information as a courtesy to users who are in or near the region where the work is intended to be completed. If our system has incorrectly deciphered your city / state, simply let us know by chatting with our team. We'll gladly update your location information. You are not obligated to view or act on project information we share. 

How can I add a project to my bid calendar?

You can click the link or the button in any project alert you receive. Either of these will automatically take you to the project documents (plans, specs and other bid details) and add the project to your calendar according to the bid due date. 

What if I have questions about the project?

Every project alert contains key General Contractor information. Any project questions or proposal submissions should be directed to the contact listed. You can also find this information in the plan tree of the project documents. Look for the 'Submitting Your Bid' and 'Supporting Documents' folders. 

Where should I send my bid?

Details for where and who to submit your bid to are included in every project alert. You can also find this information within the project documents for each project you add to your bid calendar. Look for the 'Submitting Your Bid' folder. 

How can I get more project alerts?

The frequency and volume of project alerts varies by region. Your feedback will be extremely important as we explore expanding this service to our customers. If you have questions about the types of projects we're sharing or have input you'd like to share with our team, please chat with us, anytime. 

If I'm a GC, can I invite subcontractors in the STACK network to bid on projects?

If you are a premium STACK subscriber, you can absolutely invite subcontractor users to bid on your projects. For more information about our invite functionality or to have your projects automatically distributed to the STACK network, please contact us

What if I don't want these project alerts?

You can respond to a project alert anytime. Simply let us know why you'd like to be omitted from future project-related communications and we'll be sure to update your preferences. 

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