How to determine the selling price of a project and create a proposal

A proposal is a detailed document that outlines the project's selling price, including applicable taxes, that yields a PDF document that you can send straight to your customer. You can create multiple proposals per estimate.

  1. To create a proposal, from the Estimates tab, click the ellipse (3 dots) and choose “New Proposal”.
  2. Creating a proposal adds four additional data points to an estimate.
  3. Similar to estimates, all blue fields are editable
  4. Default markups can be set per cost type (in company settings) to pre-populate these percentages. These defaults can also be overridden manually.
  5. The pie chart, ledger, and indicators will all also be updated as percentages are added to the project giving you a real-time update as you progress through the project. The chart key also acts as clickable links to scroll to a specific proposal section

How does markup affect your profit calculation

  • Markup is the amount that you are adding to your project cost that equates to your selling price.
  • Profit represents the difference between your project cost and selling price as a percentage.

    Profit = Selling Price - Project Cost
    Profit Percentage = (Profit/Selling Price)*100

    Example - Your project cost is $10, and you add a 50% markup that brings your selling price to $15. Your profit would be $5 which equals 33% of your selling price.

Create a branded, more detailed proposal for the final PDF version

  1. To add your company logo, recipient information, the scope of work, and terms and conditions, click on “edit properties”.
  2. STACK allows you to store multiple logos and business information that you can manage under the “Prepared by” dropdown as well as company settings.
  3. Use the Scope of Work or Terms and Conditions dropdowns to fill in your saved templates.
  4. Click “Save & Close” once you’ve completed all the desired fields.
  5. Click the “Download Proposal” button to open the PDF presentation options.
  6. By default, the proposal will show a lump sum amount for the project. You can additionally choose to show subtotals by cost type and/or include all the item detail. You can also include a signature line.

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