In addition to the ever-present left panel, which offers helpful information or action items relevant to your current view, there are many other buttons and options to navigate.

Overview of STACK’s main navigation

Located along the top of the screen in the black bar, the main navigation offers quick access to basic account options.

  1. Full-screen icon - Expands your current browser window to full screen.

  2. New tab icon - Opens your current browser view in a new tab.

  3. Projects - Provides a list view of your existing projects.

  4. Calendar - Provides a calendar view of your existing projects.

  5. Items - Where you can create and set up individually re-usable materials.

  6. Assemblies - Where you can create and set up groups of re-usable materials.

  7. Alerts (Bell) icon - Includes any in-app notifications you’ve recently received (such as processing for autoname or Autocount completing).

  8. Help (?) icon - Provides a variety of resources including quick access to our online help guide and our support chat and phone number, as well as information on what’s new, what’s coming next, our refer & earn program, and excel tools.

  9. Settings icon - Where you can update your account settings or log out of STACK.

Overview of STACK’s sub-navigation

Located, under the main navigation, the sub-navigation offers quick access to project-specific options.

  1. Plans - Offers a way to keyword search your plan names and sheet details as well as see your project documents in a list or thumbnail view.

  2. Takeoffs - Offers a way to perform takeoffs on your plan sheets in a canvas view, as well as review your existing takeoff templates per project or saved in your takeoff library.

  3. Reports - Offers several pre-built reports that you can manipulate for your needs

  4. Estimates - Offers a way to create an estimate to calculate the total project cost and create professional proposals.

  5. Share - Offers a way to share view-only access to your project documents, takeoffs, and reports.

  6. Invite - Offers a way to invite other users to perform takeoffs on a blank set of plans.

Overview of the measuring toolbar

The toolbar appears automatically, on the right side of the screen, when you have a plan sheet open in the canvas view (options change depending on the measurement type).

  1. Overlay - overlay and compare multiple plan sheets in the same view.

  2. Edit - select measurements to delete, copy/paste, or flip.

  3. Markup - add a highlight, call out, cloud, dimension line, text box, or legend to any plan sheet.

  4. Takeoff - additional measurement options to speed up your takeoff.

  5. Cut - remove or cut out the desired area of an existing measurement.

  6. Line Snap - toggle the option to draw straight, perpendicular line segments (can also use shift).

  7. Bookmarks - save and link specific sheet views to reference later.

  8. Zoom - zoom in or out on a plan sheet (can also use the mouse wheel or trackpad).

  9. Print - export or print the desired project docs or sheet views.

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