Overview of the account settings tabs

Using the settings dropdown in the main navigation, you can navigate to your account settings with the following options:

1. Company profile

Here you can update your company details which include

  • Estimator Type
  • Trade Category
  • Trade Specialties
  • Trade Name

You can manage your trade names, used to add custom branding (such as logos) to your proposals

2. Company Settings

Here you can change your company name and default settings

  • Set metric instead of imperial as the default for all projects
  • Create company level label groups
  • Create company cost types and default markup percentages
  • Manage a variety of templates for quick re-use on any estimate or proposal:

- Non-Measured Item Sets - use for common add-on costs that go into an estimate

- Scope of Work - use to describe the work to be performed on your proposal

- Terms and Conditions - use to fill in your standard terms and conditions

3. Company Users

Here you can view and manage your account users

  • Only Account Owners can manage/edit the list of active and inactive users

4. Billing Information

Here you can update your billing contact information as well as your credit card and billing address on file

5. Subscription

Here you can view your current subscription level as well upgrade your subscription term

6. Billing History

Here you can view the history of credit card charges on the account

7. Catalogs

Here you can view all active catalogs assigned to the company

8. App Integrations

Here you can view our integration options and manage your account connections. Our primary partners include:

  • Procore
  • Dodge
  • Pantera
  • SmartBid

If you need additional assistance, please contact us.

How to Manage and Assign Users

How to Update Your Billing Information

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