Add Data Filters to a New Estimate

  1. Create a new Material and Labor or Unit Cost Estimate

  2. In the Estimate Properties window, select the toggle next to “Include all data in my estimate”

  3. The toggle will turn from green to gray and you will see filtering options displayed

  4. Expand to see available filtering options**

  5. Material and Labor Estimates have the option to filter by label group, plan, and/or cost type and Unit Cost Estimates have the option to filter by label group and/or plan

  6. Select the desired filtering options to include them on the estimate

  7. Click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the Estimate Properties window to save and close the window

  8. At the top of the estimate window, next to “Included measurements” you will see the list of filters used on that estimate

  9. Creating a proposal will use the same filtered options.

**As they are expanded, some label groups may display a message stating “Some measurements are not assigned a label in this label group”, this means one or more of the label options is assigned to the ‘None’ option and will not pull information to contribute to the estimate

Add data filters to an existing estimate

  1. From the Estimates tab select the estimate you would like to filter by clicking on the white box with the estimate name in the upper left corner of the screen

  2. Select ‘edit properties’ from the left side of the screen to open the Estimate Properties window

  3. Follow directions 2-9 from ‘Add filters to a New Estimate’ above

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