STACK provides the tools to create a professional PDF proposal that can be delivered to your customer.

The PDF Proposal displays in the following order:

1) Your company logo

2) Prepared By and Prepared For section

3) Scope of Work

4) Lump sum or Summary section

5) Terms and Conditions

6) Signature line

7) Line-item detail

STACK offers the following default groupings based upon the type of estimate selected.

Unit Cost Estimate:

Plan Name and Takeoff

Material and Labor Estimate:

Cost Type, Plan Name and Takeoff

However, the data can be grouped by any method you wish using Label groups. Examples consist of CSI Code, Phase, Building, Floor, and Room. STACK offers complete flexibility in how you want to present your PDF.

TIP: When using Subtotals and Data Filters on a Proposal with the "Round Adjusted Quantities" option turned on, you may see pricing discrepancies on items with low quantities and a high Unit Cost. Likewise, depending on how your proposal is subtotaled, you may see a price increase on your final proposal. Subtotaling by Takeoff is where this is most commonly seen. To correct this, you can turn off rounding on the "Edit Properties" Estimate menu, reduce Unit Cost for low quantity, high Unit Cost items or change your subtotaling options.

More information on Label Groups can be found here:

Proposal Properties

The proposal properties page will display once the 'New Proposal' button has been selected. Here you can set the 'Prepared By', 'Prepared For', 'Scope of Work' and 'Terms and Conditions' portions of your proposal.


Prepared By

In this section you can quickly add your company logo, address and other contact information to the proposal by assigning a pre-created Trade Name. To change the information included here please select 'Manage Trade Name" or visit the Trade Name section of your Company Profile in Account Settings. Click here to learn more.

Prepared For

In this section you can quickly add the address and contact information for your customer to the proposal.

TIP: If you are missing address fields for yourself or your customer on the proposal, please verify all address fields have been input at the 'Prepared By' and 'Prepared For' levels.

Summary Page

The Summary section of the Proposal PDF can be subtotaled by up to two levels by Cost Type, Label(s), Plan Name and Takeoff. To choose and control the grouping order, make selections in the Download Proposal window. The default selection is a Lump Sum amount, which includes a signature line.

Include Signature Line

Click the box to add a signature line to your proposal

Details Page

The Details section of the Proposal PDF can be grouped up to four levels by Cost Type, Label(s), Plan Name and Takeoff will display a list of all items used in the estimate. To choose and control the grouping order, make selections in the Download Proposal window. This page is turned off by default.

Line-item Details

Click the box next to "Include this page" to add a line-item detail page to the end of the proposal. You have the ability to group by any combination of Cost Type, Label(s), plan page, and Takeoff. You can select up to 4 levels of grouping.

Include Price

Click the box to display line item prices on your Line Item details page.

More information on creating a proposal and setting up your Trade Name to add a logo can be found here:

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