You are able to print any of the plan pages within a project. They will contain all the takeoffs, mark-ups, and plan legends added during the takeoff.  Simply, put a checkmark in the upper left hand corner of the thumbnail, and click Print

You can also print from the plan page view as well. Select "Print" on the gray toolbar, and then select "Export Plans with Takeoffs" to print all plan pages done with work on them.

If you need to print pages that do not have work done on them, you can select the plans individually as well. Expand the folders and click the + signs to add the plans you wish to print

TIP: If you do not get a notification that the pages are downloaded with in a few minutes, please clear your browser cache and try again. Cluttered cache can cause some delays. See "How to clear your cache" for all the details.

TIP #2
: You can select multiple thumbnails at one time. Press Shift on your keyboard and put a checkmark in the corner of the first plan. Then click in the center of the last plan (click View, instead of putting a checkmark in the corner). This will select all the plans in-between.

TIP #3:  Projects brought over from a partner site, such as are not printable. Please download the plans from and upload them into STACK to make the project printable. 

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