Building Hardware Software

Designing and building new hardware from scratch is a complicated procedure that calls for takeoff software that’s as efficient and meticulous as you are. Estimating software for hardware allows your team to take more time on important design elements by reducing the labor spent on tracking materials and their costs. Increase your team’s efficiency with STACK building hardware software. 

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Increase Bid Accuracy With Door Estimating Software

STACK automatically gives you fast and accurate quantities on everything from door and window components to screws and nails. Our software keeps track of all the hardware changes you make in your floorplan so that you don’t have to. With STACK, you can eliminate the possibility of error and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks with your floorplans. 

Features of STACK Hardware Takeoff Software 

STACK is more than a hardware takeoff software — it’s packed with collaborative tools, pricing catalogs, plan overlay options and much more. We include the following software features to give your business an edge in your efficiency and bid accuracy for your clients: 

  • Searchable databases for materials and details 
  • Drag and drop folders and functionality
  • Plan overlay capabilities that enable your team to view current and old versions of the same project without overriding the originals
  • Professional proposal creation using our pre-made material catalogs and your customizable libraries

The STACK Advantage


With STACK hardware estimating and takeoff software, you can prevent details from falling through the cracks. Increase your bid accuracy and collaborative capacity with the following features: 

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Cloud-Based Material and Quantity Takeoff

STACK does the heavy lifting for your business by giving you the power of our software alongside pre-built material catalogs and takeoff templates. With STACK, you’ll never miss a detail and always have an accurate bid ready to go. Most importantly, you can use STACK from anywhere without downloading it to your computer. 

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Fast Cost Estimation and Project Bids

Using the power of several product catalogs and customizable item options, STACK brings you fast and accurate cost estimates. Our software provides you with the ability to create clearly outlined bids and alternate proposals, so your clients always know exactly what they’re agreeing to and which materials they’re investing in. 

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Detailed and Accurate Cost Estimation and Proposal

STACK collaboration features allow your team to seamlessly work on the same plan and update the supply sheet in real time. This way, none of your valuable changes and efforts ever go unaccounted for, and no small supply details get overlooked in revisions. Our collaborative software allows you to mark up projects and share access with your team members. No matter where your team is, you can come together in STACK. 


Document Management


STACK door hardware estimating software allows you to seamlessly overlay your current and past floorplans without creating a new version. Quickly manage your documents with our drag and drop folders and quick search features. Keep your team laser-focused and work on the most up-to-date version of your project with STACK document management. 

Request a Demo of STACK Estimating Software for Hardware 

If you’re looking to improve your hardware takeoff software, look no further than STACK. We offer a free account with 10 takeoffs per project and the ability to work on two concurrent projects. Request a demo or contact us online today to learn what STACK solution is right for your business. 

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Tradesman Drywall uses STACK for real-time collaboration among team members

“STACK saves us so much time. Our entire estimating process is much more efficient!”

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STACK makes it easy for me to get estimates for 3 or 4 different installations done at the same time. It saves me at least 12 hours every week!

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Taking-off a project has never been easier! The STACK support team is always there to help when you need them, which makes this a 5 star cloud based estimating software.

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I have used STACK for the last 2 years for bidding on numerous commercial projects. The software is easy to use and very accurate. The support team is very helpful and are available to help throughout the day.

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