STACK vs. Other Cloud Software

STACK's continual software updates ensure that you'll always have the best software on the market! With our top-notch customer success team ready to assist via live chat, email and phone, you'll get up and running in no time and always have the support you need.

Why Choose STACK?
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All-In-One Preconstruction Solution
Robust takeoff and estimating features
Weekly Product Updates
Constant improvements based on customer feedback
Modern, Scalable, Easy-to-use
Intuitive interface for fast onboarding
Dedicated Technical & Support Teams
Quality training and support when you need it

STACK beats all other cloud software options!

What sets STACK apart? STACK is your complete preconstruction solution with robust takeoff, estimating and collaboration features. It’s easy-to-use, modern interface makes it simple to get the job done, fast and accurately. 

STACK software gets updated on a weekly basis so you’ll always have the latest and greatest! No other software comes close!

Compare STACK to Other Cloud Software

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