STACK vs. Desktop Software

Kick your old-fashioned desktop software to the curb and upgrade your preconstruction software to STACK. Benefit from anytime, anywhere access and so much more!

Why Choose STACK?
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Anytime, Anywhere Access
View reports, takeoffs and markups on all devices
Constant Improvements
Instant access to updates at no additional cost
No Maintenance or Support Fees
Customized onboarding and dedicated support without paying extra
Data Security
Store your data in the cloud, safe from hackers & viruses
Use the power of the cloud
Doesn’t use your device’s local storage and processing power to run

Upgrade to a modern cloud-based experience

How often does your desktop software get updated?  If you don’t know, that’s a problem!  

STACK software gets updated on a weekly basis with customer-requested features & improvements so you’ll always have the latest and greatest!

Compare STACK to Desktop Software

Take a detailed look at how STACK compares to these old-fashioned desktop software options.






On-Screen Takeoff


Estimating Edge



Transitioning To The Cloud

6 Simple Steps to Successfully Transition Your Manual Construction Bidding Process to the Cloud

Learn six easy steps to make the leap to a cloud bidding solution and start winning more work.

Bid more, win more, today

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