STACK vs. Manual Processes

Use STACK software to speed up your manual takeoff and estimating process. You'll also benefit from increased accuracy, team collaboration, and mobile document access.

Why Choose STACK?
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Manual Processes
Easy To Use
Get started quickly with an intuitive point-and-click interface
Dedicated Training & Support
Customized onboarding & support whenever you need it
Anytime, Anywhere Access
Access your documents at work, home or jobsite
Works on Windows, Mac, Tablets & Mobile Devices
View plans and reports on any device you have

Looking for a better preconstruction solution than using Pen & Paper?

Move your preconstruction to the cloud. STACK offers all the takeoff, estimating and collaboration tools you need.

With our dedicated training and customer support, we’re here to help you make the transition from using pen & paper to using STACK’s modern cloud-based software.

Software Buyer's Guide

Takeoff & Estimating Software Buyer Guide​

This guide looks at the most essential elements of any preconstruction solution and discusses why they’re important.

HDS Drywall


HDS Drywall

STACK is great estimating software! It took my drywall company out of the stone ages.

“We have switched from pen, paper and scales to STACK’s professional estimating software. In a matter of one month it has transformed our business and we are not looking back.”

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