Looking for a better preconstruction solution than using Pen & Paper?

Move your preconstruction to the cloud. STACK offers all the takeoff, estimating and collaboration tools you need.

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See How We STACK Up

Pen & Paper
Speed & Accuracy
Fast & Accurate Takeoffs for more detailed estimates.
Slow and prone to errors.
Printing Costs
$0. No need to print plan sheets.
Printing drawings is expensive!
Costs can easily be thousands/month.
Document Storage
Quickly access all your files in one place. Unlimited storage.
Hard to find what you’re looking for in the piles of blueprints around the office.
Team Collaboration
Sync documents across all devices. Ensure your team is always working on the most up-to-date drawings.
Difficult to share physical documents. Slows down job progress.
Mobile Access
Access your documents wherever you go.
Transporting drawings from place to place is a pain.
Preconstruction Workflows
Integrated professional-looking bid proposals.
Manual process to create bid proposals.

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What You Can Expect with STACK

Simplify Complex Calculations


STACK’s modern interface makes using the platform a breeze.

No Cost


STACK’s tiered pricing makes it easy for you to find the right plan for you.

Auto Count


STACK offers advanced material takeoff & accurate estimating capabilities.

runs in the cloud


Getting set up is as easy as accessing your favorite web-browser.

HDS Drywall


HDS Drywall

STACK is great estimating software! It took my drywall company out of the stone ages.

“We have switched from pen, paper and scales to STACK’s professional estimating software. In a matter of one month it has transformed our business and we are not looking back.”

Only STACK Offers:

Plan & Document Management


Keeping project details & supporting documents organized has never been easier.

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Team Collaboration


Use robust markup, callout, sharing & invitation features to keep your entire team aligned.

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Cloud-based Material Takeoffs

Cloud-based Quantity & Material Takeoffs

Make project takeoffs
10x faster & empower your team to work anytime, anywhere.

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Detailed Cost Estimates & Proposals

Adjust costs, markup, tax, and overhead to create branded proposals with ease.

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