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Dual Screen Monitors

Could a multi-screen view increase your takeoff and estimating productivity?

Let’s cut to the chase and answer this question straight away… the answer is YES!  For many of us that work at STACK and for …

Delete Multiple Plan Pages

Easily delete plan pages you don’t need

Ever wish you could focus on only the pages that YOU need to complete your takeoff and estimating work instead of sifting through the multitude …

How To Use The Takeoff Template Library

Save time by reusing takeoffs from project to project

If you’re not yet using our Takeoff Library feature, you aren’texperiencing all of the time savings our software makes possible. That’s right! You could be …

How To Add A Plan Legend

Add a legend to your plan pages

Have you had a chance to check out the legend option in your markup tools? Adding a legend creates a simple, color coded key for …

Smaller Fonts Sizes Update

STACK is now picking smarter default text sizes

You asked for it and we listened! That means no more big, annoying letters for you to resize when you add a legend, dimension line …

Uploading Plans

Add plans to STACK from a variety of sources

Did you know you can add plans to STACK from a variety of sources? If you answered yes – kudos to you! Keep up the great …


STACK Hot Key Shortcuts

STACK has a bunch of hot keys to make STACK even faster!  See the list below… Hot Keys for All Systems (Windows and Mac) Shift – …

Project Cost Calculator

From takeoff to completed quote in minutes!?

How would you like to go from takeoff to completed quote in minutes?  Our new and improved Project Cost Calculator lets you do exactly that! See …

Blueprint Auto Naming

How to Auto-Name Your Plan Pages

Here’s a helpful tip that will help you better organize your STACK plan pages using the auto-naming function.  This is especially helpful when you’re working …

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