The Ultimate Guide to Finding, Bidding, and Building Your Best Interior Finishes Projects

Interior finishing work is always changing – from fluctuating material prices to supply chain delays to labor shortages and more, there’s no lack of challenges in this industry. So it’s important to have a clear strategy for bringing in more work and more profits. This guide will help you bid faster, win more work, and build smarter. You’ll get insights into:

Finding projects and managing bids
Improving takeoffs and estimates
Connecting the office and crew
Managing issues and workflows

When you win, we do too

See why customers love working with STACK & how our software is helping them grow.


Can't compliment these guys enough. I have been using STACK for 4 years now and it's best money I've spent. I can use it anywhere without having to own multiple licenses for every computer. It loads quick and there's plenty of cloud storage. You can't go wrong with this - it blows the competition away.


STACK has made our job 10,000x easier. It is perfect for communicating different selections for tile and flooring. So incredibly easy to use and has saved the company a tremendous amount of time. We love the color coding and takeoff reports. So happy to not do takeoffs by hand anymore!!!


This program is great! It's very user friendly & extremely intuitive - it almost feels like you have used it before. Customer service is great & available at all times. Great program that I'd definitely recommend to anyone. So much potential for setting up and customizing it for your needs plus it's cloud based and ready to access from the office, at home or even a tablet on the go.

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The Ultimate Guide to Finding, Bidding, and Building Your Best Interior Finishes Projects

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