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When you’re keeping track of large architectural projects, you need software that allows you to quickly and easily update your plans and view the details. STACK window estimate software for contractors manages information like window and door measurements and supplies so that you can give your clients the most accurate bids possible.

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Get More Accurate Bids With STACK Window Estimating Software

STACK estimating software takes the guesswork out of creating bids by seamlessly tracking the changes made by your team and automatically generating reports with the exact number of window and door supplies you need for a project. With STACK window estimating software, you can give your clients more accurate bids and save money by minimizing human error and inefficiency. 

Features of STACK Estimating Software for Windows

STACK does the heavy lifting so that your team can grow stronger, more efficient and more effective. Our cloud-based software allows everyone to work collaboratively and stay on the same page while never letting new revisions and material updates fall through the cracks. Between our collaborative cloud capabilities and our detailed catalogs of materials, your business will save countless hours creating estimates and proposals.

We help your business improve efficiency and bid accuracy with the following features: 

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Real-Time Connectivity and Collaboration

STACK software allows you to keep your team aligned and working from the same plan while tracking all changes and updating your supply sheet. Our software includes markup features that enable you to call attention to specific details while sharing project access across your team and collaborating in real time. 

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Plan, Spec and Document Management

With STACK, you can overlay your past and present plans to view revisions with ease. Our software comes with an intuitive organization function that allows you to drag and drop your files and quickly search them to find exactly the details you’re looking for. 

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Cloud-Based Quantity and Material Takeoff

Our powerful automation software lets you keep track of the materials your project will require as you go, use takeoff templates and access pre-built material catalogs. By bringing your manual processes onto our hub, you’ll leave no room for mistakes. Instead, our material tracking software ensures greater accuracy. 


Detailed Cost Estimation and Proposals

STACK brings you more detailed cost-estimation proposals with the power of automatic supply order bills. We help your business showcase your professionalism by creating impressively detailed bids and alternative estimates for your clients. We even have a pre-built assembly library with customizable item options.

Free Window Estimating Software From STACK

At STACK, we deliver performance and power to your business with a complete takeoff solution that helps you leverage your measurements, cost analysis and proposals, all in the same place. To get you started, we offer a free account for contractors. With this package, you’ll be able to create 10 takeoffs per project and work on two concurrent projects at a time. If you want to learn more about what STACK solution is right for your business, contact us online or request a demo today. 

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Tradesman Drywall uses STACK for real-time collaboration among team members

“STACK saves us so much time. Our entire estimating process is much more efficient!”

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STACK makes it easy for me to get estimates for 3 or 4 different installations done at the same time. It saves me at least 12 hours every week!

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Taking-off a project has never been easier! The STACK support team is always there to help when you need them, which makes this a 5 star cloud based estimating software.

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I have used STACK for the last 2 years for bidding on numerous commercial projects. The software is easy to use and very accurate. The support team is very helpful and are available to help throughout the day.

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