Connect your business to STACK and close the data gap.

Learn how and why our partners and customers use STACK’s open API to move data across platforms, automate business workflows, and gain strategic insights.

Here's what the STACK API can do for you...


Custom Integrations

As a contractor, you can integrate STACK preconstruction platform into your business workflow for better project tracking, clearer data analysis, and reduced manual tasks and rework.

Shaking Hands

Partner Integrations

Partnering with STACK allows your platform to send data automatically into or out of STACK, giving your customers a seamless experience and adding value to your service.

Concrete Software

The STACK Preconstruction Platform

STACK is the only software that offers lightning-fast takeoff & complete estimating in one solution.  Users can quickly measure digital plans, collaborate with team members, finalize project estimates and create bid-ready proposals – all in the cloud.

STACK preconstruction platform makes it simple to quickly and accurately measure plans, calculate materials, collaborate in-real time, and access your project details anytime, anywhere and from any device.

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