STACK + Quickbooks Online Integration


Integration Features

Save time. Easily export STACK Material and Labor Estimates information into QuickBooks to complete accounting and invoicing while avoiding typos.

Prevent costly errors. New QuickBook items are automatically created from imported STACK items (Online Only).  Update STACK accounting codes, for each cost type, with accounting codes from QuickBooks.

Get Paid Faster. Generate invoices from QuickBooks faster, leveraging estimate line item data from STACK.

Integration Summary

The STACK + QuickBooks integration turns a process taking hours into a process measured in milli-seconds. No more cutting and pasting countless rows of data from STACK into QuickBooks. No more errors during data entry. Additionally, unlike some competing approaches, the STACK method does not impose a new workflow or mapping table. It allows users to maintain their current structure and established processes, resulting in accurate invoices and purchase orders sent out on time and with minimal effort.

How It Works

If QuickBooks Online (QBO) is part of your workflow, you can easily export your Material and Labor Estimate info from STACK to Quickbooks Online to complete your accounting and invoicing process.

You don’t have to spend extra time manually entering info for each estimate and worry about potential typo errors.

Once you complete the preliminary setup of connecting your accounts and assigning Accounting Codes to your items in STACK, you can export your STACK estimate information directly to QBO with just a couple of clicks.

Learn more on how to integrate with Quickbooks Online. 

Integration Requirements

Helpful Links

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