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While contractors are investing more in technology, they need to focus on platforms that also connect their systems. At STACK, we approach integration more strategically for a unified workflow while still connecting with other best-in-class tools. That’s why we have partnered with QuickBooks (Online and Desktop) to integrate our Takeoff & Estimating platform with your project financials. Everyone knows your business needs accurate billing for financial wellness, but are you being efficient in your process? 

How many hours have you spent manually transferring data to your financial platform? How could you better spend that time? How do you wish the process worked for YOUR business? And, what if it COULD be easier and simpler? 

Gone are the days of manually re-entering estimate line items in QuickBooks or dealing with a cumbersome import/export process between your Estimating solution and QuickBooks. The STACK and QuickBooks integration results in time savings, faster payments, and increased accuracy. 

Bid Faster. Win More. Build Smarter.

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How Does It Work?

For QuickBooks Online

You can seamlessly transfer your STACK Material & Labor Estimate data to QuickBooks Online in seconds! How? First, connect your QuickBooks Online or Desktop account to STACK. Then export your QuickBooks Products and Services into Microsoft Excel and STACK’s Customer Success team can batch import them into the platform for you! 

Do STACK Custom Items Sync with QuickBooks Products & Services?

Yes, it happens automatically! The STACK Item Accounting Code is used to map your STACK Material & Labor Estimate data to your QuickBooks Online Products and Services during an export. The platform looks for a QuickBooks Online Item that exactly matches the STACK item’s Accounting Code. And, if you create new Accounting Codes in STACK, they will automatically be created in QuickBooks Products and Services.  

How Will This Help My Workflow?

You’re able to keep your existing accounting setup and coding and easily incorporate them in STACK. You can be flexible in your workflow and maintain a fluid process, ensuring your takeoffs and estimates are accurate before pushing that data directly into QuickBooks Online. 

You’ll see immediate benefits, reducing your administrative burdens and avoiding data reentry and errors. The integration turns a process that takes hours into a process automatically done in the background of your software. With STACK’s connection to QuickBooks Online, the data flow is now complete, from receiving the plans for a bid to closing out the financials at the end of the job. 

What Are Customers Saying about the Integration?

STACK has done an outstanding job at listening to their customers and asking questions about how we, as customers, see a QuickBooks integration working with STACK – and they made that come to fruition. This integration is going to mean less clicks and less typing! And with how much we can customize our STACK profiles to fit our needs, it will truly be saving us more time than STACK alone. So, THANK YOU for all your hard work with this integration (and all features)!” – Allie Gaworecki, Three Sons Home Improvement 

At STACK, we’re constantly working to help improve your workflows so you can create faster, more accurate bids and win more work. By using a platform like STACK, you are guaranteeing increased efficiency and accuracy, collaboration, and time savings with a cloud-based software solution that accelerates decision-making and progress. Watch our in-depth webinar Build Success with STACK + QuickBooks Online for more details! 

We also integrate with QuickBooks Desktop! Watch our webinar on that integration for more information!


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