Manage Your Field & Office Activities with Ease

Get the input you need from foremen in the field combined with detailed visualization of project statuses, reports, tracking & more in the office.

Insights You Need to Get the Job Done

Clear Communication

How often do you find miscommunications causing mistakes and delays?

Instant Access

Does your team deal with rework due to lack of access to current plan sets or documents?


Streamlined Processes

Are problems with tracking, planning & punch lists leading to issues later in your projects?


Get Notified and Stay Organized

Connect with your field crew with instant notifications & communication history. You and your foremen will be on the same page with simplified folder structures for documents as well as offline mode. 

Daily Reports

Get Detailed Daily Reports from the Field

Your crew can send up-to-date issues, photos, attachments, weather reports & more with a few clicks so you can quickly access and analyze the day’s information. 


Plan Ahead & Track Your Progress

Plan for workforce & equipment, including dependencies, for all your projects and track progress by area, phase or contract to optimize project closeout.

Workforce and Equipment Planner

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Feature Spotlight

See how STACK is foundational for super subcontractor Demotik.

STACK is the hub for field crew, office crew, and clients for Demotik, allowing for simple daily reports from the jobsite, streamlined workflows, and scalability.


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Case Studies

Nexen Construction

Nexen Construction applies durable and long-lasting exteriors of all types to residential, commercial and government buildings, including restaurants, offices, medical centers, schools and multi-family housing.
Denver Winwater
Case Studies

Denver Winwater

Denver Winwater is a full-service wholesaler specializing in waterworks, underground utilities, and PVC conduit.
Case Studies

Ewing Outdoor Supply

Ewing Outdoor Supply is the largest family-owned supplier of landscape and irrigation products in the United States that supplies contractors with irrigation supplies, water-efficient and ...

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