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Fostering Team Buy-In: A Guide for Construction Company CIOs Introducing New Technology

Technology is becoming increasingly integral to success. From project management to safety protocols, innovative tools are reshaping the industry. However, implementing new technology within a construction company can be a ...

Top Risks in the Construction Industry & How to Mitigate Them

The construction industry faces numerous challenges and risks due to its complex, high-stakes nature. Understanding these risks and developing strategies to mitigate them is essential for the long-term success and ...
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Charting a Path Forward: Addressing Key Challenges in Construction

In the fast-paced world of construction, overcoming challenges is essential for success. As we highlighted in a previous discussion, the industry faces a multitude of hurdles, from workforce development to ...
Product Updates

STACK Live Construction: Maximisez la gestion de vos projets et leurs sécurité grâce aux calques de SmartUse

  Les calques de SmartUse permettent à vos équipe de concentrer leur attention sur ce qui est important, même pour les projets avec un nombre important d’usager. La gestion du ...
Product Updates

STACK Live Construction: Optimize Project Management & Privacy with SmartUse Layers

  SmartUse layers allow teams to better view and analyze plans with multiple annotations and users. Permissions options also enable specific layers and annotations to be shared with only the ...

4 Unchecked Challenges in Construction: The Implications of Ignored Issues

In construction, the challenges faced can be as towering as the structures themselves. From monumental skyscrapers to intricate infrastructure projects, the industry juggles an array of complexities daily. However, amidst ...
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STACK Live Preconstruction: Building the Future Unleashing AI’s Potential in Construction

  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to stay and, used properly, can revolutionize how we build and manage infrastructure. The power of AI is poised to enhance efficiency and streamline processes ...
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How STACK Helps Combat the Labor Shortage 

One of the most pressing challenges facing the construction industry today is the persistent labor shortage. Skilled workers are in high demand, yet the supply simply cannot keep up. This ...

STACK Poised to Eclipse the Competition with New AI Assist Functionality

First Wave of Automation to Be Powered by New Integration Partner Workpack Cincinnati, OH – April 8, 2024 STACK Construction Technologies, an industry-leading cloud-based construction software platform, announced the launch ...

How Contractors Can Build a Culture of Innovation and Drive Organizational Change

In the fast-paced world of business where change is constant and innovation is paramount, contractors must adapt to stay competitive. A key driver of your success lies in cultivating a ...
Product Updates

STACK Live Construction: Track Issues & Mitigate Risk with SmartUse

  The construction industry is complex and dynamic, with numerous moving parts that must come together seamlessly to complete a project successfully. One of the critical aspects of managing a construction project ...
Quarterly Update
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STACK Quarterly Update: Q1 2024

  Our team has been hard at work this quarter to bring you the best features and updates to help you continue bidding faster, winning more, and building smarter.  Don’t ...
Product Updates

STACK Live Precon: Connect, Enhance, Grow: The Power of API & Integrations

  In today’s construction landscape, connecting your systems is crucial to avoid duplicating work, manual data entry, and human error. The best construction software allows you to integrate your systems ...

STACK Poised for Record Up-Market Revenue Quarter with New Sales Leader at the Helm

Cincinnati, OH – March 26, 2024 STACK Construction Technologies, an industry-leading cloud-based construction software platform, announced the addition of Michael Roy to their executive leadership team, joining as Vice President ...
Life Outside of STACK Mylene

Life Outside of STACK: Mylene Haney, HR & Admin Manager

Life Outside of STACK is our feature series that introduces you to some of the faces behind the brand. Today we are featuring Mylene Haney, HR & Admin Manager! Tell ...
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