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Bid more projects in less time with STACK’s comprehensive cloud-based quantity & material takeoff software. With best-in-class cloud-based tools, you can see 10X faster bids and up to 35% more opportunities to win.

Industry-leading tools that streamline the takeoff process.

STACK delivers power and performance from measurements to proposals. Work through takeoffs and estimates faster and with unmatched accuracy, and leverage intuitive tools to bid better and win more profitable work.


Quantity and Material Takeoff

Complete takeoffs in the cloud with easy-to-use, lightning-fast tools. STACK streamlines your process from day one and empowers you to bid more work in less time.

Fast Takeoffs

Fast, Accurate Measurements

Dedicated tools for area, linear, arc, pitched, counts and volume.

Powerful Automation

Save time with tools like Autoname, Auto Count, hyperlinking and more.

Template Library

Store takeoff templates so you can quickly add them to new projects.

Grouping & Labels

Create up to 10 custom labels to help group, filter and organize takeoffs.


Detailed Cost Estimating

STACK simplifies the bid process for even the most complex jobs, allowing you to quickly and confidently respond to bid requests with thorough, accurate estimates.


Items & Assemblies

Seamlessly create a bill of materials for supply orders from pre-built or custom libraries.

Customized Estimates

Incorporate labor, materials, non-measured costs, and markup.

Filter & Reports

Filter by plan, cost type or other labels, and generate reports with a variety of different data points.

Estimate Your Way

Work with your work style: create estimates in STACK, export data, or use our Excel plugin.


Client Quote and Proposal

Build and customize winning proposals in a fraction of the time, using data directly from your estimate and ensuring ideal profit margins.

Branded Proposals

Professional Branded PDFs

Create polished proposals with your logo, terms, scope, and other details.

Subtotals & Grouping

Deliver increased confidence and credibility with the right organization structure.

Alternative Bids

Generate multiple alternate proposal options for different bid scenarios.

Benefits of STACK’s Quantity & Material Takeoff Construction Estimate Software

STACK streamlines the takeoff process, allowing users to quickly and accurately measure quantities and materials from digital plans. This efficiency saves time compared to traditional manual takeoff methods.

STACK enables collaboration among team members by providing a centralized platform where project plans and takeoff data can be shared and accessed remotely. This enhances communication and coordination among project stakeholders.

STACK integrates with other construction software and tools, such as accounting software and project management platforms. This seamless integration streamlines workflows and ensures consistency across different stages of the construction project.

By reducing the time and resources required for takeoff processes, STACK helps contractors save money on labor costs. Additionally, the improved accuracy of estimates can prevent costly errors and rework during the construction phase.

The software helps improve accuracy by reducing errors that are common in manual takeoffs. This ensures that project estimates are more precise, leading to better project planning and cost management.

Being cloud-based, STACK allows users to access project data from anywhere with an internet connection. This accessibility facilitates remote work and enables teams to stay productive even when they are not physically present at the jobsite.

Whether working on small-scale projects or large, complex developments, STACK’s software can scale to meet the needs of various construction projects. This scalability makes it suitable for both individual contractors and larger construction firms.


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Customer Spotlight

Watch how Stonebrook Exterior increased their sales and efficiency with STACK!

Stonebrook Exterior is a commercial and residential exterior construction company specializing in whole building envelope solutions. They needed a preconstruction solution that eliminated communication gaps between their locations. Enter STACK. 


FAQs About Material & Quantity Takeoff Software

General contractors and trade subcontractors of all sizes can take advantage of online takeoff software to improve their preconstruction process. For subcontractors in particular, quantity and material takeoff software allows them to generate precise counts and measurements of the materials they’ll need to purchase to complete a job. With accurate measurements, as well as access to material pricing databases, they can feel confident in their bids, win more work, and become more profitable.

These software solutions typically allow users to import project plans or drawings, either manually or through automated processes. You can then perform a takeoff as you would on paper blueprints, but with much more accuracy and precision, with just a few clicks of your computer mouse.

Material and Quantity Takeoff Software can be used for a wide range of construction projects, including residential, commercial, industrial, and civil engineering projects. It is suitable for projects of varying sizes and complexities, as well as most trades, such as concrete, roofing, drywall, painting, flooring, siding, landscaping, and more. 

Plan import capabilities 

Advanced measurement tools such as arcs 

Database of materials and prices 

Customizable formulas and templates 

Integration with other software (e.g., accounting, CRM) 

Reporting and analysis tools 

Collaboration features

While many software solutions are antiquated and clunky to use, STACK is designed to be user-friendly and easy to learn. To fully utilize all our features and capabilities, we do offer multiple types of training and support, such as 1:1 sessions with an expert trainer, videos, help articles, webinars, phone support, email, and chat help within the app.  

Yes! STACK integrates with a wide variety of other industry platforms so that you can work the way your team works best. This integration allows for seamless data exchange between different stages of the construction project lifecycle. Learn more about our partners and integrations. 

Consider factors such as the size and complexity of your projects, your budget, required features, ease of use, and integration capabilities when selecting material and quantity takeoff software. It may be helpful to request demos or trials from multiple vendors to compare different options before making a decision. 

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