How STACK Supports the Construction Lifecycle

By harnessing the power of the cloud, STACK offers solutions to take contractors through preconstruction and construction, providing the pillars to support these two vital and central phases of the lifecycle. 

Phase 1: Concept/Design

During the design phase, architects are planning the layout of the structure, while owners prepare to select a general contractor to oversee the project from beginning to end. In this phase, architects may indicate specific materials and specs they require future stakeholders to adhere to. General contractors will be carefully monitoring the process so they can begin to think about potential subcontractor partners who might be best for the work. 

Phase 2: Preconstruction

Preconstruction encompasses everything after design is finalized but before construction begins – issue identification, scheduling, bidding, and estimating. The general contractor sends out invitations to bid and then evaluates bids submitted by subcontractors. 

STACK’s Role in Preconstruction

STACK’s roots are in takeoff and estimating. Prior to using STACK, many subcontractors used paper plans, scale rulers, colored pencils or outdated, cumbersome desktop software to determine measurements and material amounts. They would then transfer the information into Excel to create estimates, taking up countless hours of their day, before even knowing if they’d win the bid. 

STACK transforms the takeoff and estimating process, allowing for quick on-screen measurements that accurately and automatically quantify the materials, labor, and equipment needed.  With STACK, estimators spend significantly less time on paperwork and focus on generating more revenue. 

STACK-created bids are incredibly accurate, improving the win rates for contractors who previously struggled with over- or under-bidding, and resulting in more profitable projects regardless of size, scope, or location of the project. 

STACK in Detail

STACK allows estimating teams to takeoff, estimate, and quote projects quickly and easily, helping them to bid more jobs and increase their revenue. This includes: 


Project document upload, search, view, and markup to make sure they’re finding the exact document they need to make sure they want to bid the job and perform takeoffs 


Optimized takeoffs for quick measurements and item counts 


Material and labor assignments using real-time integrated pricing for items and assemblies 


Real-time total project visibility with dashboard analytics 

Core benefits gained with STACK for preconstruction: 

Bid Faster. Win More. Build Smarter.

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Phase 3: Construction

The construction stage is the time during which work is performed onsite, when workers are using the plans, specs, and materials indicated during preconstruction to actually build the structure. 

STACK’s Role in Construction

The STACK construction platform was created for project managers, foremen, and superintendents that are responsible for managing the construction of the building. Our solution guarantees access to the right information at the right location, wherever they need it. Whether you’re working from the office, the job trailer, project site, or even from the company truck, STACK’s solutions provide the web and mobile tools needed to ensure projects finish on time and on budget, while mitigating the risk of the project. 

STACK in Detail

STACK offers a simple and flexible, collaborative platform for document management and construction management. This includes a centralized structure for managing plans and documents and ensuring everyone is working from the latest set, helping to eliminate errors and rework.  

STACK is cloud-based and mobile-based for improved productivity and collaboration between the office and the field. Using iOS, Android, or Windows devices, we can enable plan viewing, panning, zooming, marking up, comparing and sharing of documents wherever they’re needed. 

With STACK, you can also manage core construction processes like RFIs, submittals, daily reports, issues, planning & scheduling of equipment and your project resources. And, you can track progress, using simple configured workflows to alert delays, enforce accountability, and manage exceptions. 

Core benefits gained with STACK for construction: 

These are the day-to-day activities required for a building, its systems, equipment, and occupants, to execute successfully. 

Phase 4: Operations

These are the day-to-day activities required for a building, its systems, equipment, and occupants, to execute successfully. 

STACK’s Role in Operations

STACK’s construction platform streamlines the tracking of all changes that happen during the build. When it’s time for the project handoff, as-builts are easy to create, and with unlimited storage, you can save your documentation to prove you adhered properly to specs in the event of any litigation. 

Owners can also opt to use STACK’s construction tools for facility management. They can refer to plans and specs during regular repairs and maintenance, and also provide detailed information to new contractors during any future upgrades or additions. 

Bid, Win, and Build Better Across Precon & Construction

STACK provides viewing, tracking, and collaborative support through every phase of the construction lifecycle, from document control to plan viewing and markup, all 100% in the cloud and mobile-enabled. 

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