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Every premium subscription includes live and on demand training to ensure you and your team learn how to most effectively use STACK software, for your unique business. Whether you’re new to the digital preconstruction process or transitioning from outdated desktop software, our team is here to help you embrace the benefits of the cloud, speed up your process and increase your accuracy.


Ready, Set, Learn, Grow.

With our free software training and STACK’s easy-to-use software, you’ll be up and running in no time, typically after just one session!

Need more than one session or need an additional employee trained? We’re happy to help!  Premium STACK subscribers can schedule additional free training sessions anytime they’re needed.

Training is available in English or Spanish.


Other software companies charge hundreds of dollars for each training session. With STACK, it’s free!


Whether you’re just getting started or you need a refresher –  our training is here when you need it.


Help is available 24/7 thanks to our ever-growing library of helpful how-tos, tips and tutorials.

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Here's What Our Customers Say About Their STACK Training...

R&I Glassworks


R&I Glassworks

Support & Training are Phenomenal!

STACK software is easy to learn and very user-friendly. Our trainer was super helpful – any question or concern I had, he put at ease by demonstrating and training me on the ways STACK would meet my needs. In comparison to other complicated and costly construction takeoff options, I found STACK to be hands down a better product. The support and training are phenomenal.

A Vogt Construction


A Vogt Construction

Fantastic Customer Training!

STACK is consistently reaching out to offer training and assistance, so far this has been a great time saver for me. 



Meet Brenda

As STACK’s newest Trainer, Brenda has quickly learned how to efficiently use STACK’s software. She enjoys sharing her STACK knowledge with customers, especially when she can point out features that will save them time and let them bid more projects! Her favorite thing about working at STACK is her co-workers who are a “great group really interested in helping our clients.”

Brenda is a DIYer who likes doing home improvement projects. She also enjoys travelling with her family. Her most recent trip was white water rafting down the Gulley in West Virginia!

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