Subcontractor Estimating and Takeoff Software

Cut the length of your precon timeline.

Delays and long days might be inevitable on the jobsite, but that doesn’t mean they’re unavoidable in the preconstruction phase. Whatever your trade, STACK subcontractor software powers through takeoffs and estimates so you can bid more work and build more revenue.

Studs, drywall and insulation
3-5/8 in x 12 gauge track - 2,2158 LF
3-5/8 in x 12 gauge - 10 ft high - 831.97 EA
5/8 in Abuse Resistent - 415.98 Sheets
R-11 Foil Insulation 13,311.49 SF

One Powerful Platform, Many Capabilities

Evaluating the most profitable projects and completing your takeoff and estimating process efficiently might seems like a tall order, but with our industry-leading, cloud-based preconstruction tools, you’ll be well equipped to win.

Plan, Spec & Document Management

Nail every detail. Keep your project docs organized and your team laser-focused.

Cloud-Based Quantity & Material Takeoff

Knock out takeoffs 10x faster and keep everyone, everywhere on the same page from day one.

Detailed Cost Estimates & Proposals

Adjust costs, markup, tax, and overhead. Create customized estimates and branded proposals quickly and easily.

Real-Time Collaboration & Connectivity

Robust markup, callouts, sharing, & invites keep your entire team aligned.

Where There's a Challenge, There's a STACK Solution.

STACK takes a wrecking ball to your most frustrating preconstruction obstacles.


I’m spending hours of my day downloading and evaluating project invitations.


With STACK, you can store plans and specs from any source in one central preconstruction hub and leverage our plan and keyword search tools to quickly find the details you need to determine your interest in bidding.



I’m having difficulty keeping my team aligned using email or shared servers.


With STACK, team members can stay in sync, always work from the same plans and communicate about key project details anytime, from anywhere – in the office, out in the field or even while working from home.



I’m working late nights because I don’t have time during the day to complete bids.


With STACK, you can bid more work, in less time. Spend a fraction of the time you spend today and complete bids 10x faster so you can spend more time focused on growing your business and enjoying your down time.



I’m missing things on bids due to a slow, inaccurate paper takeoff process.


With STACK, measuring even the most complex areas, volumes and pitches is fast and simple and you never have to worry about measuring on plans with an incorrect scale. Ensure your bids are competitive and eliminate risk.


When you win, we do too.

See why customers love working with STACK & how our subcontractor software is helping them grow.

Best estimating software I have used! STACK is easy to use and is intuitive. I am able to bid projects quicker and can use the estimate data to create more accurate budgets. Also I no longer worry about running out of storage or only having access to the bid from my work computer. The software is web based so I can work from home or on the road seamlessly.

Tom, R3 Painting

STACK Software is so awesome for me. It makes going to work fun again. The customer service is on point and the package is worth its self many times over... Love it!!

Greg, SMP Tile Works

Very satisfied with the product and support! Best takeoff and estimating software i have used for concrete construction, easy to understand and use. The addition of hyperlinks made my job easier and faster.

Dan, JJ Fisher Construction

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