Construction Management Software for Team Collaboration

Manage construction processes, enhance team productivity & visibility, and centralize project documentation. Intuitive tools allow you to distribute the right documents to your team and stay current on the status of all projects. 

A hub for stakeholder communication, project tracking & more.

STACK’s construction management platform enables unmatched team collaboration and process standardization. Create your own custom workflows and reports, and keep tabs on project statuses and health. 

Lockup ConstructionMgmt

Document Management

Eliminate time spent searching and working from outdated information. Store, find, and retrieve all current project documents with just a few clicks.

Document Management

Single Source of Truth

Analyze all daily report data in one place within the platform or export as needed.


Centralized Project Management

Assign issues & centralize all progress photos and daily logs.

Instant Notifications

Set up email & phone notifications & easily update the status of assigned tasks.


Manage Processes

Work in the way that best suits your team with customized construction workflows and Kanban libraries to keep documents organized. 

Manage Processes

Custom Kanban Workflows

Easily create new projects & customize statuses in the Kanban Library.


Drag & Drop Tracking

Track documentation in Kanban view, and drag & drop to correct status.