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Who is STACK?

STACK Construction Technologies provides industry leading takeoff and estimating software for professional construction contractors. Our easy-to-use, cloud-based platform helps users to transform and streamline the pre-construction process by empowering them to quickly and accurately measure digital plans, collaborate with team members, customize materials and pricing and finalize project estimates.

Contractors Love Using STACK!

In the past 12 months, the STACK platform has powered:

60000 +
Active Users
3200000 +
Takeoffs Performed
40000000 +
Plan Pages Uploaded

The STACK Story

The journey of STACK CEO, Phil Ogilby, from a roofing contractor to construction software visionary.

Phil Ogilby starts first business
Future STACK CEO, Phil Ogilby, starts his first construction contracting company in Dayton, OH doing residential and later commercial work.

He witnesses firsthand the challenges of managing people, equipment, materials and especially an ever-changing bid schedule.
Buildware Pro is created
Phil's 14-year old son, Justin Ogilby, writes the code for Buildware Pro estimating software, making it easy to measure plans using a digitizer or measure on screen using a computer mouse.
Private Construction Office formed
At the time there were very few sources for digital plans. Phil developed Private Construction Office, an online portal where general contractors could share plans and specs with their contractors using the internet.
iSqFt is born
Buildware Pro and Private Construction Office merge with Internet Plan Room, the first ever online plan room to form iSqFt. The company now known as Construct Connect has been a major force in moving the construction world from paper to digital information.
STACK gets it's start
Phil leaves iSqFt and begins building STACK. Phil's vision all along has been to build a modern version of Buildware Pro that would run in the cloud. He wanted a solution that would be easy to operate with a minimal learning curve, that would run in any environment and on any device.
Phil's vision continues
Today, STACK has thousands of users worldwide and is the fastest growing cloud based solution for takeoff and estimating in the construction industry. STACK has hundreds of 5-star customer reviews and a renewal rate over 95%.

We believe in simplifying construction.

If you want to add hours back to your day, eliminate costly estimating mistakes and say goodbye to paper plans, you’ve come to the right place. STACK powers a more collaborative, efficient takeoff and estimating process so you can focus on what’s most important – your bottom line.

STACK Office Photo

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