5 Ways STACK’s Construction Management Tools Will Revolutionize Your Workflow


No one would ever claim that construction management is an easy job. Even without material shortages, fluctuating prices, and weather delays, there are so many moving parts to keep track of that it can be difficult to keep up and to shut down when you leave the office or jobsite for the day.  

But there’s no reason to make a tough job even harder when tools exist to help – and that’s where STACK’s Construction Management platform comes in. Let us lighten your load with a better process! 

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1. Detailed, Custom Organization Across Tasks

Our Document Library ensures you’ll never lose track of important plans, specs, and any other required documents again. Organize in folder structures that work for your unique needs, and view as a list, as thumbnails, or in Kanban view, which lets you view your documents grouped by their current status and drag and drop to change statuses easily.  

Quick viewing isn’t the only perk to STACK’s document management system. You’re able to open plans, create annotations, and receive notifications of any changes to the document, as well as related issues. This functionality provides an additional level of project context so you can see how individual pieces of information are related directly within your document. Link tasks and equipment to a document, make notes, and view a full history log of any changes that have been made by your team. 

A useful risk mitigation strategy to have in your back pocket, such an audit log can save countless hours and dollars during litigation.

2. Simple & Advanced Workflows

Workflows should work the way you want them, and with STACK, that’s the way it is. For clear, quick processes, use simple Kanban workflows to indicate approval or other workflows requiring minimal steps. No need to jump through hoops of feature-heavy software that is more than you need. 

But for those complex processes, you can use advanced workflows to configure the different types you need, such as submittals. You have the power to define various activities that must take place within the workflow, who is responsible for what, weighting the task, and setting the duration. Define transitions, approval/rejection cycles, and add requirements to tasks, like adding a photo before approval or a comment before rejecting. Then you can rely on the system to take care of notifications and tracking, rather than multiple email chains. 

Find more detailed information on simple and advanced workflows here. 

3. Daily Reports

Free up your foremen to put their attention where it’s needed with faster daily reports. STACK’s daily report functionality steps users through the process and reduces report time from an hour or more to less than 5 minutes. Reports automatically populate temperatures for various times of day, and with a single click, your crew can add manpower and machinery, visitors, health and incident reports, deliveries, and all general site activities. 

Use the report to create issues and queries as well, keeping track of each one created that day, and automatically add to the report along with attachments and progress photos time stamped during that particular day. Finally, instantly generate a clean PDF report to be shared with the team. 

4. Planner

With the Planner, you get insight into not only what’s happening on a specific project, but on all of your jobs. Schedule out your equipment and workforce across multiple projects so you can track where and when items and people are needed. Identify the activity, estimate start and finish time, and define any predecessors or successors. Creating these relationships lets your team know exactly who and what they are waiting for to get started on a task, as well as who else is waiting for them to accomplish certain tasks. 

This will keep your crew on target for existing work and also serves as a clear indicator of when there’s availability to take on new projects versus when your team is tied up.

5. Dashboard

The Dashboard offers instant visibility for project teams. You can see how all your information is brought in to identify where you are in the overall project with 4 tiers of data: viewing statuses of documents; where issues are in the process of being captured and resolved; situate any queries in process of waiting for approvals; note where equipment has been installed, when it has been delivered, used, and returned. 

With this at-a-glance view into how the project is currently going, you can make more informed decisions. Browser and mobile views make it incredibly powerful for field-centric activities like punch list items and photos as well.  

There’s so much more to the STACK platform that will help you stay competitive – let us show you how it works. Book a demo today! 


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