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All your files when you need them, where you need them.

Autodesk Vault product data management (PDM) software increases collaboration and streamlines workflows across engineering, manufacturing, and extended teams. Autodesk Vault users can export converted CAD files directly to SmartUse for immediate access in the field. 

Smartuse + Autodesk Vault

Bring Autodesk Vault Files to the Field

Export converted CAD files directly to SmartUse for immediate access where you need it, when you need it.


Stop searching &
start designing

Quickly find and reuse design data and minimize rework and repetitive tasks.   


Unify teams &
boost productivity

Accelerate work streams in a system that brings collaborators together.


Increase product
development agility

Achieve faster response times and fewer errors with automation and data accessibility.

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With SmartUse + Autodesk Vault, you can:

Increase your time savings. See 75% time-savings with direct upload integration. Eliminate the manual process of downloading documents from Autodesk Vault, converting them into PDFs, and uploading them into SmartUse.

Minimize rework. With manual processes, there is always a chance of a document getting missed or a download process not catching all documents. This integration reduces the need to check for these mistakes.

Improve flexibility. The integration with Autodesk Vault ensures all of your documents are being pulled directly from the server you choose. This integration works with both the on-premise and web-client versions of Autodesk Vault.

Integration Summary

SmartUse users can upload drawings directly from Autodesk Vault into SmartUse. Native CAD (*DWG) files will automatically be converted to PDF.

How It Works

There are two levels of this integration, one for Autodesk Vault web-based and one for desktop-based users. You can pull drawings from the SmartUse web portal directly from the Autodesk Vault web client. Or users can push drawings from within the Autodesk Vault desktop application, using a SmartUse & Autodesk Vault installable add-in. In both scenarios, you can send PDF or DWG files (*DWG files will be converted to PDF before uploading to SmartUse).

Integration Requirements

– Autodesk Vault license
– SmartUse license

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