STACK + BNi Building News Integration


Integration Features

Easily budget for your project​. Quickly apply average regional costs to your estimates without having to source specific pricing.

Quickly generate estimates. Items are comprehensive, yet simple enough that new and seasoned estimators can produce good estimates quickly.

Ensure bids are competitive​. Stay competitive by leveraging regional price data to double check quotes​.

Bid for work in new areas. Use regional pricing to check numbers in hundreds of regions across the US.

Integration Summary

While many estimators rely on printed publications or secondary databases to access pricing information, you can access BNi item cost data directly within the STACK Takeoff and Estimating solution. Apply the average national or regional cost data from 600 areas across the United States and Puerto Rico to over 10,000 of the most used items across industries. 

How It Works

The 10,000+ item base package is available at no additional charge with your paid STACK account. It includes some sample assemblies and pre-built takeoffs for various trades to help demonstrate different assembly strategies that might be helpful and ways you can customize your own BNi content. Trade-specific packages (Mechanical, Interiors, Sitework, Concrete / Masonry, Electrical, Roofing) or an all database package (22,000+ items) are available at an additional cost. Users will need to request the initial setup of this feature in their account.

Integration Requirements

Helpful Links

BNi Building News


Cost Data with STACK


Cost Data

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