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Maximize profits and increase your win rate.

Followup CRM provides a simple tracking solution for winning more opportunities. Their solution helps contractors stay productive by tracking exactly what’s in the sales pipeline, the closing ratio, and next follow-up activity while helping them to stay accountable to achieving overall goals and plans.  With Followup CRM and STACK, you can:


Maximize profits and increase your win rate

Contractors using Followup CRM can push project documents directly into STACK to initiate and streamline markup, takeoff, and estimating processes.


Automatic Lead &
Bid Tracking

Import leads and accurately keep track of their relevant information and progress. 


Digital Bid Calendar
& Scheduling

Hit due dates, manage workloads, and keep the project team in sync with one calendar.


Sales & Estimating

 A well-designed CRM gives you the ability to better organize efforts and meet sales goals.

With STACK + FollowUp CRM, you can:

Complete your preconstruction tool belt. Followup CRM + STACK Takeoff and Estimating = a comprehensive set of preconstruction solutions for subcontractors.

Plan share. Import documents directly from Followup CRM into STACK, providing the required plans for Takeoff & Estimating. 

Have a single source of document “truth.” Manage and control your project documents in Followup CRM but seamlessly share with your estimating team in STACK.

Integration Summary

Contractors using Followup CRM can push project documents directly into STACK, initiating and streamlining the markup, takeoff and estimating processes quickly and efficiently with manual downloads and uploads.

How It Works

From within the Followup CRM solution, users can initiate the creation of a STACK project. Upon successful creation of the project, Followup CRM automatically updates their project documents into STACK.

Integration Requirements

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