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Your takeoff is the backbone of your estimate, and if you get it wrong, the effects ripple throughout your entire bid, causing you to lose projects or profits. But the tradeoff has always been time versus accuracy. 

Taking the time to perform an accurate takeoff is critical, but that also means hours, days, even weeks of time depending on the size of the project, and there’s no guarantee you’ll even win the work. 

STACK is the solution you need for accuracy – plus, it’s lighting-fast. On average, our takeoff tools save customers 1.5 hours a day, or 30-50% of their original takeoff time.

Don’t wait – find out why we’re the best takeoff platform on the market. 

Smooth, Easy-to-Use Interface

A complex system typically means a steep learning curve, and it’s tougher to get your team onboard if it takes weeks to learn new software. Those are weeks they could be doing things the way they already know how!  

Instead, STACK has made taking off for any trade as simple as possible, with an intuitive interface that allows for a seamless transition and an excellent user experience. For less tech-savvy estimators, STACK offers training to assist in learning the platform – from live one-on-one sessions to group trainings to self-paced videos and live chat support. 

Dedicated Tools for Any Measurements

Unlike some preconstruction software, STACK is trade-neutral. We have the tools you need no matter which trade you specialize in. Take advantage of simple to complex measurement types depending on your trade: 


Linear (and linear with drop) measurements for electrical and HVAC


Area takeoffs for trades like painting 


Cut-out options for removing windows 


Pitched calculations for roofing 


Volume measurements for concrete 


Arc tools for landscaping or concrete curbs 


Counts for fixtures like lighting or electrical outlets  

Bid Faster. Win More. Build Smarter.

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Quick Shortcuts to Save Time

With STACK you never have to flip through hundreds of plan pages just to find the relevant information again. Powerful automation takes the tedious work out of preconstruction so you can focus on the tasks that matter. 

When you upload plans into STACK, the system automatically names and numbers plan pages so you can quickly navigate to the details you need, using our robust search function. STACK also creates automatic hyperlinks, not only to each plan page but also to callouts within pages, allowing you to jump directly to the page containing the detail you need. 

Use the multiplier feature to duplicate takeoffs for identical sections of plans, or copy and paste, to avoid repeating work. 

STACK also has a large selection of hotkeys to save you extra mouse clicks. We know every extra click adds up! 

Reusable Templates

The Takeoff Library is your key to eliminating duplicate work and streamlining your estimators’ process. With measurement type already assigned and items and assemblies added, the Takeoff Library allows you to prevent errors associated with manual entry while saving time. 

There are three types of pre-built takeoffs to select from, so your team is set up to work the way that’s best for you: 

STACK Takeoff

STACK Takeoffs: We provide sample pre-built takeoffs for a variety of trades to get you started right away. These can be especially useful when you’re learning the software, to get a feel for what details are possible to include on your estimates. 


Pre-Built Catalog Takeoffs: If you subscribe to any catalogs with associated pre-built templates, you’ll be able to include them in your takeoff. Examples include the 1build or BNi cost catalogs, which are integrated with STACK. Find out more here. 

STACK Library

Your Library: Finally, create your own custom takeoffs and save templates to use on future projects. You can build and reuse them to meet your specific project requirements.   

Grouping and Labels

Organize your data by organizing your takeoffs. Whether you need to group takeoffs for any given project by phase, elevation, CSI division, or any other work breakdown structures, you can do so in STACK.  

When you assign label groups to your takeoffs, you can then filter your report and estimate data by those label options you’ve created. You can also create a set of typical company labels for easy reuse on all your projects. 

Better Takeoffs = Better Business

STACK is here for you regardless of your stage of business. If you’re just starting out, check out some of our resources like How to Do a Construction Takeoff, while you learn the software. If you’re used to manual takeoffs and not convinced the switch to digital is right for you, don’t worry – old dogs can learn new tricks! And STACK has the training staff to help you along the way. Finally, take a look at how we STACK up to some other players in the preconstruction tech space. 

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