4 Things to Know about STACK’s Integration with Procore

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As you may have heard, STACK has recently partnered with Procore, the leading construction management software built to help you finish quality projects—safely, on time, and within budget.  STACK’s integration on the Procore platform makes it easier for construction professionals to stay aligned and ensure they’re working off the most up-to-date project documents.

One important thing to note is that you must have a STACK Pro account for this integration to work.  The integration is not compatible with a STACK free or STACK Plus accounts.

Want some more information about this integration?  Here’s 4 things you should know about STACK’s integration with Procore.

1. Don’t Get Derailed by Construction Project Changes

Change is inevitable, especially for construction projects.  RFIs, change orders, and schedule changes are commonplace and it’s crucial to keep all parties working on the most up-to-date documentation. Keeping your entire construction team aligned is easier said than done, but the STACK – Procore integration makes dealing with changes a whole lot easier!

Once you’ve connected your STACK Pro account to your Procore account, all of your Procore projects, drawings, specifications, and other files will begin to sync with STACK in real-time! You can navigate and access any Procore project using the STACK bid calendar or project list view.

2. Procore Users Love Using STACK Pro

By adding STACK Pro, Procore users can easily store, markup, and measure project documents, share plans to better coordinate and collaborate with team members, and customize and report on takeoffs to prepare final estimates. 

With STACK Pro, you can quickly complete takeoffs on the latest project documents, without having to download any files. You’ll be able to easily sync, share, and collaborate, on all your projects, with your team and with subcontractors. In addition, you can access sophisticated tools to efficiently quantify materials for the most accurate project cost estimates.

Learn more about these and other STACK capabilities.

3. STACK Pro Users Love Using Procore

On the flipside, STACK Pro users can unlock numerous benefits by signing up with Procore! To put it simply, Procore connects everyone who builds to everything they need.  If you’re in the construction business, then Procore was designed to help your team! 

Procore is an incredibly powerful construction management software that is packed full of features yet decidedly easy-to-use.  With Procore, you can manage your project, resources and financials on their open platform designed for how you build.

Learn more about Procore.

4. Setup is Extremely Simple

You can connect your STACK Pro account to your Procore account in just a few minutes.  Check out our How to utilize the Procore Integration with STACK Pro help article for a complete walkthrough of how to connect your accounts.  It’s incredibly easy and you won’t even need someone from IT to help you out!

Now that you know a little more about STACK and Procore and how the integration works, what are you waiting for?  Get started today by clicking following the two links below:

Create a free STACK account.

Learn more about Procore.

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