Adams Flooring Solutions Completes 3 Times More Estimates Using STACK

Adams Flooring Solutions + STACK

3 Times Faster Estimates

Won More Bids Using STACK

Increased Productivity

Company Story:

Adams Flooring Solutions furnishes and installs commercial flooring for all types of industries including retail, hospitality, medical and schools. The company got its start in July of 2018. Mickie Adams, Adams Flooring Solutions Owner, had been working in the flooring industry for over 20 years and decided it was time to branch out on her own. 

The company prides themselves on being able to find the best solution for their end users. To achieve this goal, they meet with their customers and determine what type of flooring would be best for them. “Sometimes customers don’t know exactly what they are looking for,” says Mickie Adams. “If we can determine what customers want to get out of their flooring, we can steer them to pick the perfect flooring option.”

“STACK has helped me do 3 times the estimates that we were doing before.”
Mickie Adams
Owner, Adams Flooring Solutions
Mickie Adams - Adams Flooring Solutions
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Overcoming Challenges:

The biggest challenge Adams Flooring Solutions faces is finding good, qualified flooring installers. Like many others in the construction industry, Adams Flooring Solutions also has a hard time finding good help. “Trying to get younger people interested in the industry and trained is our biggest challenge,” notes Mickie Adams.

Materials procurement is a unique challenge they face as a flooring company.  A lot of manufacturers no longer stock products in their warehouses and instead make carpet on-demand when orders come in.  This can lead to a 5-6 week waiting period for carpeting products. Staying on top of the manufacturer and updating the customer on the status of their order is of paramount importance.

“I knew the value that STACK brought to the previous company I was with so I purchased it immediately after forming my new company.”
Mickie Adams
Owner, Adams Flooring Solutions

How STACK Has Helped Adams Flooring Solutions:

One of the biggest ways Adams Flooring Solutions is growing their business is by using STACK. “STACK has helped me do 3 times the estimates that we were doing before,” says Mickie Adams. “In this business we need to bid at least 10 projects just to get 1.”  STACK has helped Adams Flooring be more productive and get more jobs.

“I knew the value that STACK brought to the previous company I was with so I purchased it immediately after forming my new company,” says Mickie Adams. Mickie’s favorite thing about STACK is the Project Cost Calculator.  It allows her to export their estimate into an Excel spreadsheet and easily add in her costs and complete the estimate.

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