STACK Sets a New Standard in Preconstruction Software with Advanced Estimating Release

Robust takeoff, estimating, and proposal functionality give specialty subcontractors a new competitive edge

Advanced Estimating

CINCINNATI, OH, JUNE 15, 2020STACK Construction Technologies [STACK], the industry’s leading preconstruction software, today announced the release of advanced estimating capabilities that will set a new standard for industry professionals. This anxiously anticipated release means STACK users can now perform lightning-fast takeoffs, generate detailed estimates, and create company-branded bid-ready proposals – all in a single cloud-based platform.

“Our advanced estimating release opens so many doors for specialty subcontractors,” said Phil Ogilby, Founder and CEO of STACK. “Combining robust takeoff and estimating functionality is almost unheard of when it comes to construction software, but we’re showing teams what they can and should expect from their preconstruction solution.”

In the past, preconstruction teams have had to juggle multiple software solutions or manually input data into spreadsheets, a time-consuming process that increases risk of mistakes and inaccuracies. Now, however, estimating teams can complete accurate, winning proposals in a fraction of the time.

“Now that I can stay in one platform without exporting to Excel, I’m able to do twice as many estimates as I did before,” said Warren Crossman, owner of Crossman Flooring. “I can go back to my takeoff if I see something I want to change and make the update right there – it’s all done in STACK. I really appreciate how much it’s improved my workflow.”

By eliminating the need to move numbers from platform to platform, STACK is removing the risks associated with manual data entry. Contractors can also make STACK the central hub for all of their price and material databases, ensuring all account users are working from the same source of information.

“The easiest part has always been working in STACK,” said Mark Van Doren, Principal at WestPro Construction Solutions. His team includes a lot of details in their estimates, so accuracy is extremely important. “When exporting to Excel, it’s easy to introduce errors by inputting data incorrectly or missing a decimal. But now STACK will allow us to eliminate spreadsheets and will be the bridge between our takeoffs, estimates, and our accounting software.”

In addition to a streamlined workflow, STACK’s cloud-based platform allows preconstruction teams to collaborate from anywhere and access critical project data on any device, in real-time. This unmatched flexibility and reliability provide teams with the competitive edge they need to win more profitable work.

“Being able to create that detailed estimate and go straight to the proposal, to customize it and make it look the way we want, and with everything in the cloud – it’s the holy grail really,” Van Doren added.

About STACK Construction Technologies

STACK Construction Technologies is the industry’s leading cloud-based software solution for preconstruction professionals. It provides a centralized hub where plans, specs and other construction documents can be stored, evaluated, measured and shared with internal and external project stakeholders. Founded and headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, STACK delivers intuitive and innovative software for thousands of subcontractors, general contractors, suppliers and manufacturers to ultimately improve the project’s outcome and profitability. STACK’s solution powers seamless plan and document management, real-time team collaboration and a more efficient digital takeoff and estimating process. For more information or to see how STACK software is helping preconstruction teams to gain visibility, insight and alignment throughout the bid process, visit

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