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There are so many benefits to using Apple computers over PCs with Windows operating systems for business, including better security, fewer workflow interruptions, and a more streamlined user interface. But a lot of software, especially in the construction industry, is not developed with Apple in mind, which can be frustrating when you’re searching for the right tools for you. 

STACK fills that gap! With software compatible with all devices, including Apple, for the preconstruction as well as the construction phases, STACK has you covered from the office to the field. 

Takeoff Software for Apple Computers

An Apple Macbook shows a screen from STACK's takeoff tool.

Accurate takeoffs are crucial for construction estimates, and with STACK’s intuitive cloud-based platform, taking digital plan measurements is a breeze on your Apple device.  

Whether you need an arc tool for landscaping, pitched measurements for roofing, volume for concrete, or any other measurement types, you can do takeoffs with just a few clicks on your Mac in STACK. You can also easily automate time-consuming tasks like performing counts and searching for information, adding hours back into your day. Create templates and reuse them for more time savings, and group, organize, and filter your takeoffs with up to 10 custom labels. 

STACK even offers Apple-specific keyboard shortcuts to make your takeoff process even smoother. 

Use the following Apple hotkeys to help speed up your workflow. 


Apple Hotkeys
When a measurement is selected press ‘T’ to continue measuring in that takeoff; continue pressing to toggle between Shape and Rectangle measurement types
When a measurement is selected press ‘C’ to create cut out; continue pressing to toggle between Shape and Rectangle cut out tools
Enable line snapping to 45 and 90 and 180 degree angles
Create an arc while measuring
Fn + Delete
Remove last point while measuring
Complete current action to last placed point


Apple Hotkeys
When a plan is open press ‘M’ to enter multiselect mode
Cmd + A
Select All
Cmd + Z
Cmd + C
Cmd + V
Fn + Delete
Delete current selection
Send the selected measurement to the back
Enables 360º rotation of the selected measurements


Apple Hotkeys
Cancel current action
Cmd + S
Search takeoffs

Estimating Tools for Apple Computers

An Apple iMac shows a screen from STACK's estimating tool.

Your estimate is key to winning – and completing – a successful job. With STACK’s Apple-compatible software, you can create the most accurate estimate, customized the way you need it, quickly and easily. 

Use pre-built items and assemblies to seamlessly create a bill of materials for supply orders, including the ability to populate current regional pricing using 1build or BNi’s cost database. You can also easily incorporate labor, markup, and other non-measured costs into your estimates.  

Customize the organization of columns and information, filter by plan, cost type or other labels, and generate reports based on data points of your choosing. Finally, if you prefer, you can export your data or use STACK’s Excel plugin if you have existing spreadsheets in your process. All of this is simple and works smoothly from your Apple computer. 

Field Productivity & Collaboration with Apple Devices

An Apple iPad shows a screen from STACK's Field Productivity tool.

STACK’s field tools are second to none. Access your current plan sets with automatic versioning so you never have to worry about working from outdated plans, and work offline with the ability to sync that work when you return to Wi-Fi availability. With side-by-side comparison functionality, it’s easy to see changes at a glance. 

STACK’s tools work exceptionally well on iPads and other Apple devices, with the best responsiveness on the market. Zoom, pan, and markup your plans in the user-friendly app, and attach site photos to specific locations in real-time. Take advantage of Daily Reports to save your field crew time by automating reporting of issues, RFIs, weather reports, and more. 

Bid Faster. Win More. Build Smarter.

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Construction Project Management for Apple Computers

An Apple Macbook shows a screen from STACK's construction management tool.

Managing projects is complicated enough without complex software. With STACK’s project management tools, you get a single source of truth for all your project documents. You can not only store, find, and access all your current documents on your Mac with a few clicks, you can also analyze all your daily report data in one place or export as needed.  

Centralize your project management by aligning issues and photos, and set up notifications to easily update the right stakeholders on the status of assigned tasks. Use simple Kanban workflows or customize with advanced workflows including dependencies as needed for your tasks. You can also use our intuitive project dashboard to make faster, more informed decisions, and analyze information with data visualization. 

The Cloud for Any Operating System

Because STACK’s tools are all cloud-based, they’re compatible with your Apple computer and devices but also Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, and any other device that can access and load a web-browser. So if you’re logging in remotely from another type of device, no worries – all your data will be at your fingertips in real-time.  

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