Nast Roofing Increases Win Rate with STACK


Nast Roofing is a commercial and residential roofing company operating in South Florida for over 20 years. For a long time, the estimating team handled takeoffs the traditional way, measuring paper blueprints, and later they began using OST software.

But the team recognized the need to save time and improve their process even more if they were to stay competitive in the market. Switching to STACK was easy, with plenty of customer support as they made the transition.

STACK's Assemblies Catalog

A major factor in switching to STACK was the availability of the assemblies catalog. Nast Roofing uses pre-built assemblies to instantaneously create accurate cost estimates, and they also build their own custom assemblies for labor estimation, subcontractor costs, and other estimating needs.

Success with STACK


40% Time saved bidding with STACK's seamless PlanHub integration


40% Time saved searching for documents and performing takeoffs


20-40% More bid submission proposals produced with STACK


10-20% More projects won using STACK

“The time savings has translated directly into increasing the number of bids that we’re able to push out in a given period of time, which allows us to bid on more projects and have a higher overall success rate in terms of number of projects we win.”
Jacob Nast
Chief Operating Officer, Nast Roofing

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