Recap on STACK in The News

In a world where change is the only constant, STACK stands as a beacon of Innovation in the construction industry. We’re not just growing; we’re helping to redefine the future of construction. Let’s delve into the recent press that proves STACK is an industry thought leader, from popular industry podcasts to feature stories in trade publications.

  1. Harness the Power of Estimating Data to Grow Your Business – Construction Business Owner

This enlightening piece written by STACK’s Product Marketing Manager, Aaron Henderson, explores how ConTech empowers construction businesses by leveraging estimating data. He covers: 

-Patterns and trends in data through estimating dashboards
The role of data in informed decision-making for business growth
How APIs create a shared informational ecosystem and allow you to connect your workflows and keep data flowing

  1. Increasing Efficiency Through Construction Tech – Construction Disruption Podcast with Aaron Henderson

In this captivating podcast episode, Aaron Henderson discusses how STACK is revolutionizing the industry by enhancing efficiency through cutting-edge construction technology. 

-The significance of embracing construction technology
Insights into STACK’s tech-driven solutions
How technology is reshaping construction practices

  1. The Importance of Data Residency: Where in the World is Your Data? – Ontario Construction News

This thought-provoking article by STACK’s CISO, Robert Vazquez, emphasizes the critical aspect of data residency in the construction industry and sheds light on how STACK prioritizes data security. 

-The global perspective on data residency
STACK’s commitment to data protection and privacy
The implications of data residency for construction businesses

  1. Tales from the Trails: Construction Tech Innovation with STACK’s CEO and Co-Founder, Phil Ogilby

Kat Walther’s Tales from the Trails podcast provides a firsthand account of Phil Ogilby’s journey with STACK Construction Technologies. 

-An insider’s view of STACK’s innovation journey
Highlights of construction tech innovations
-The impact of STACK on the industry 

  1. Roofing Contractor to ConTech Entrepreneur – the Site Visit Podcast with Phil Ogilby

In this engaging podcast episode, Phil Ogilby shares his transformational journey from a roofing contractor to a ConTech entrepreneur. 

-Phil’s personal evolution and inspiration
The genesis of STACK Construction Technologies
The future vision of STACK 

 As STACK continues to make headlines, it is evident that our platform is a catalyst for change, ushering in a new era of construction that is smarter, more efficient, and remarkably innovative.

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