STACK Release Notes: 11/20/18

On November 20, 2018, we released STACK version 4.16.430.

Application Feature Changes

  • Notifications will now stay read when following the link in the notification message.
  • Improved Autocount error reporting.
  • Significant changes to streamline saving geometries (measurements). As a result of these changes, we now prevent the user from creating a polygon that has two vertices intersecting. Previously, we would try to split these invalid polygons into multiple geometries. This is changed so that we now prevent the user from creating it in the first place.
    • In this example, the user cannot place a point at the blue circle, since placing that point would cause two polygon vertices to intersect (at the red arrow):
Polygon vertices takeoff
    • We don’t think this new behavior will impact users, since strange shapes like this aren’t usually created during a takeoff.
  • Fixed notification bar styling in the support pages
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