STACK Release Notes: April 2019

What’s New in Version 5.0.420

New Features and Improvements

• We did a lot of restyling this month to make everything easier to use and find! 

    • We split the project and application level navigation into two separate bars making access to project specific features more intuitive. 

    • We’re now including the project name, next to the application navigation, inside of the project, so you always know what you’re working on. 

    • Restyled the Edit and Create takeoff screens. 

    • Restyled the in-takeoff screen and replaced the intimidating red “End” button with a friendly green button titled “Finish this measurement”. 

    • Restyled the Assembly and Item pop-ups to make them look better. 

    • We made the keyword, text search interface more prominent and visually appealing. 

    • Our report header styling was updated to create a more uniform look 

• Updated our API documentation to help partners use our API more independently. 

• Added a “Download All” button to the bottom of the Plans list that is only visible to invite recipients. This button will download all project files (without markups) as a .zip. 

• When clicking an invitation link, a previously deleted event will be restored or re-created on the project calendar.

Bug Fixes

• We made some key bug fixes to improve the STACK mobile experience. 

    • To improve the viewing experience, we fixed a bug where selecting a measurement on mobile would cause the quantity hover box to take over the entire screen. It now appears at the bottom of the screen. 

    • We also fixed a bug where group/sort report pop-ups could not be closed. 

• Fixed a bug where Paste menu item would not appear when copying between plan pages. 

• Fixed a bug that allowed users to create an invitation link for a takeoff that was not theirs 

• Fixed a bug where clicking show/hide on takeoff templates when the respective plan page wasn’t open, would break the feature. Doing this will now provide an error notification. 

• Fixed a bug that was preventing some protected PDFs from being processed. 

• Fixed the partner SmartBidNet, in-project experience to hide plan management functions that are not available for those projects.   

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