STACK Release Notes: March 2020

What’s New in Version 5.1.155

New Features and Improvements

· We made another improvement to our best-in-class Plan Overlay feature. The enhancement allows users to transfer measurements from the base layer to the new overlayed page.

· Users with viewer role permissions, on premium accounts, can now view the takeoff list in the left panel, group takeoffs for easy organization, and use plan text and keyword search.

· Additional we made a few more updates to our new report structure

    · We’ve improved the formatting of the PDF portrait and landscape views that offer a more professional appearance. 

    · Pressing the ESC key while viewing our new landscape or portrait reports will exit the preview.

    · Excel exports now contain formulas allowing users to make changes to the price that affect the extended columns. Grand total was also added to this export.

    · The Measurement by Takeoff report will now show in AlphaNum sort order. This is the same sort order used in the Takeoff Detail and Takeoff Summary reports.

    · For those still interested in using Classic reports, we’ve moved toggle to the bottom left of the reports screen.

· In preparation for an exciting release around Estimating, our Microsoft® Excel Tools have been relocated to the sub-navigation under our help (?) button.

· To correct/apply a new scale to selected measurements, a user can now select (or multi-select) the measurements and then calibrate the scale without having to calibrate and select from the standard scale list. 

· We’ve given users the ability to upload multiple files at once using the upload button in the toolbar on the right side of the screen.

Bug Fixes

· Fixed an issue when exporting to Excel that would prevent values of 0 from transferring.

· Fixed an issue when changing the scale the updated values would not reflect in the takeoff report without refreshing the browser.

· Fixed a bug in report snapshots that would omit item pricing for legacy database items.

· Fixed an issue causing the browser to sometimes crash when trying to export a report a very large project to Excel.

· Fixed an issue preventing thumbnail rotation options from being properly displayed on the overview tab.

· Fixed a bug that caused report loading issues when a user had measurements on a hidden plan page.


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