STACK Release Notes: October 2020

What’s New in Version 6.5.194

New Features and Improvements

· We released change takeoff, a feature that gives users the ability to choose one or more measurements within a takeoff and assign those measurements to a new or existing ‘compatible’ takeoff. 
· We introduced an option to change your cursor, when in takeoff mode, to use full screen crosshairs for increased accuracy.
· We’ve made some enhancements to how users add logos and other information to their proposals:
     · Users can now improve the appearance of their logos using crop, rotate, and enhance options.
     · Low resolution logos will also look more appealing in the PDF proposal.
     · Also the phone number and email address will now display on the PDF proposal  under ‘prepared by’ and ‘prepared for’.
· We also made some slight interface tweaks to improve overall usability:
     · A new visual indicator to signal where measurement inputs are needed.
     · Multi-selected measurements are now blue, instead of grey.

Bug Fixes

· Fixed a bug preventing users from editing the attached assembly on a takeoff in the takeoff library. 
· Fixed an issue preventing users from locking their measurement inputs on a takeoff.
· Fixed an issue where users were unable to filter by the assigned user on older projects.
· Fixed some issues with plan uploads causing the plan details and/or orientation to be skewed.
· Fixed a bug causing some takeoff templates to display blank values.

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Learn tips & best practices to quickly grow your construction business.