STACK Vs. On-Screen Takeoff

How is STACK Different?

STACK is a user-friendly, affordable takeoff and estimating platform designed for the needs of all trades as well as small and large businesses.

On-Screen Takeoff provides a takeoff software for large, commercial contractors capable of supporting and implementing it.

STACK's main advantages over On-Screen Takeoff:


Getting set up is as easy as accessing your favorite web browser.


STACK’s modern interface that makes using the platform a breeze.


STACK’s tiered pricing makes it easy for you to find the right plan for you.


STACK offers a robust feature set for estimating.

"I came into the construction industry with zero experience and mastered the practical use of STACK in two weeks. It's very intuitive, and support is incredible."

– Daniel, S&L Painting and Decorating, Inc.

Create Your Free STACK Account

Stack Logo
Cost Per User
PLUS $999 per user/year
PRO $1,799 per user/year
$2,495 per license
Maintenance & Support Costs
$500 per license/year
Ease of Use
Low Learning Curve
Modern, Consistent UX/UI
High Learning Curve
Dated UX/UI
Time to Onboard
1 to 5 business days
1 month or longer
Integrates with Third-party Software
Yes, at no extra cost
Yes, for an additional fee
Advanced Takeoff Features
Estimating Features
No, requires additional purchase
Free Training
Yes, Unlimited training and support
Languages: English, Spanish
No, $800 per license per training
Language: English
Platform Support
Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-based
Minimal Software/Hardware requirements
Restrictive Software/Hardware requirements
Product Roadmap
Constantly making improvements based on customer feedback
Makes limited updates
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