T-Squared Software Services Increases Accuracy & Trust, Wins 20% More Bids With STACK

T-Squared Software Services is an estimating company that specializes in providing estimates for subcontractors and general contractors in the spray foam insulation industry.

Estimator John Pluchino started out with OST but quickly realized he needed an internet-based tool so that he could work from anywhere, including in the field. STACK fit the bill as a comprehensive cloud-based solution that was easy to learn and use.

Essential STACK Features

Takeoffs for commercial properties, such as hotels or campuses with multiple buildings could take hours or days to complete, but John says STACK has easily increased his speed by more than 40%.

  –  Copy/paste allows him to measure the footprint of a single floor and apply those measurements to each additional floor

  –  Cut out tool makes removing doors and windows from a takeoff quick and easy

  –  Autocount provides confidence that each architectural feature such as windows is accounted for, and he can simply multiply the square feet of one window, multiply by total quantity, and deduct the total from takeoffs

Success with STACK

40% Time saved performing takeoffs for massive commercial projects

40% More bids submitted with a tool that is available 24/7

Increased accuracy leads to higher trust and repeat business

20% More projects won using STACK

“If I said we’ve increased efficiency by 1000% you would think it was a typo, but really there’s no way to measure the time savings – it’s a lot more than 40%. The features that have been added to STACK over the years have been so focused on productivity and enhancement of the takeoff process. I couldn’t do it without STACK.”
John Pluchino
Estimator, T-Squared Software Services

Want to learn more about what STACK can do for your business?

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