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Connect with Customers, When it Matters Most

As a construction material manufacturer or supplier, getting the attention of architects and engineers is only half the battle. The real test comes when contractors embark on a preconstruction process that may or may not include your material details. But what if you could bolster the odds and connect bidding contractors with the details they need? Using STACK, you can.

Your customers expect a lot from you. While material price is important in a competitive landscape, ultimately the purchase order is secured by your relationship, your service, and your responsiveness to the quote request. To increase your odds of winning the order, you must provide more value for your customers  – that’s where STACK comes in.

Your sales are highly dependent upon which contractor ultimately wins the project.  Whether your products are specified as the basis of design, they are listed as approved equal or you want to be submitted as an alternate to break spec – the biggest variable in winning any job is the winning contractor’s bid – that’s where STACK comes in.

One Powerful Platform, Many Capabilities

Whether you’re a Subcontractor looking to bid and win more profitable work, a General Contractor in need of flexible takeoff and sub engagement tools or a Building Product Manufacturer or Supplier aiming to connect customers with the materials they need, STACK can help.
Plan & Document Management

Plan, Spec & Doc Management

Keeping project details & supporting documents organized has never been easier.

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Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration & Connectivity

Use robust markup, callout, sharing & invitation features to keep your team aligned.

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Cloud Takeoff

Cloud-Based Quantity & Material Takeoff

Make project takeoffs
10x faster & empower your team to work anytime, anywhere.

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Cost Estimating

Cost Estimating & Proposals

Adjust costs, markup, tax, and overhead to create branded proposals with ease.

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Less Burnout, More Satisfied Customers

Your customers expect fast turnaround on quotes and want and easy way to send you projects. That can be a difficult demand to meet when your reps are short on time – often working to complete takeoffs after hours or on weekends. STACK can not only help you to keep project documents and quote requests organized in one central hub, but our intuitive quantity and material takeoff tools will empower your team to bid 10x faster, from any location.

Put hours back on the clock for your team members and empower them to bid more work in less time. 

Spending evenings and weekends urgently taking off jobs for customers on last-minute requests?

With STACK, you can import plans from any source, keep them organized by customer or project name and perform lightning-fast takeoffs in a fraction of the time.

Projects and quote requests getting lost in email servers, random dropbox accounts or fax machines?

With STACK, your customers can invite you to bid directly on projects that they’ve uploaded. Receive an invite, perform a takeoff and share it back with the customer instantly.

Frustrated by training new reps with no clue how to do basic takeoffs for customers?

With STACK, new reps can get trained and productive in hours by leveraging your branch’s centralized account to access old projects and to store common takeoff templates in your library.

Less Spec Break, More Sales

Time, money and tremendous effort are spent securing the spec, but there’s significant risk throughout the bid process when ultimately the sale is controlled by the contractor. Influencing the outcome throughout the process is possible, but you must equip your network with the right tools. 

Ensure contractors can apply your materials during the takeoff process and you won’t only increase their productivity – you’ll increase your sales as well.

Investing in marketing, sales and incentive programs, but still losing sales to value-engineered products that break spec?

By providing STACK for your sales channel, you'll empower your network to submit bids with your materials - increasing win % and driving sales.

Looking for meaningful programs and productivity tools to offer your preferred network that will drive loyalty and increase sales?

By providing STACK for your sales channel, your branded material catalog can be available to contractors and dealers as they complete takeoffs.

Struggling to find meaningful data and insights to identify which contractors are bidding large jobs with your products?

By providing STACK for your sales channel, you can design custom reporting to alert you as contractors in your network bid large jobs.

Ewing Irrigation Case Study

Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Case Study

Learn how the largest family-owned supplier of landscape and irrigation products in the country successfully streamlined the takeoff process for their team and customers using STACK software.

Suppliers & Manufacturers can't live without STACK!

Grow Your Sales with STACK

You’ll be amazed at the difference even slight gains in the numbers of projects bid, and win rates, can do for your sales growth.

Enter your best guesses in the boxes below to reflect your current sales activities and see what a difference STACK can make – IMMEDIATELY.

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