Estimating Software for Construction Material Suppliers & Manufacturers


For construction material suppliers and manufacturers, there’s more to winning projects than price. Markets are more competitive than ever and STACK estimating and takeoff software for suppliers & manufacturers gives you the tools to solidly connect with customers when it matters most.

With STACK preconstruction software for suppliers, no job is too big.

Take Care of Your Customers With STACK Construction Supplier & Manufacturer Software

Leveraging STACK as a centralized hub for quote requests proves your commitment to the partnership from the start. And takeoffs are just the beginning. Ensure contractors can apply your materials during the takeoff process and you won’t only increase their productivity – you’ll increase your sales as well.

Take control of your bid process

Empower your customers, increase your sales

Equip contractors with the tools needed for seamless access to your product details and project documents.

Save time, gain accuracy

Take tasks off your customers’ to-do lists while ensuring every quote is thorough and accurate.

Prevent Staff Burnout

Lightning fast STACK is up to 10x faster than manual methods or outdated software so your reps aren’t spending nights and weekends on takeoffs.

Use the power of the cloud

Quickly connect and collaborate with your team and respond to customer questions and comments anywhere, on any device.

Where there's a challenge, there's a STACK solution.

STACK takes a wrecking ball to your most frustrating preconstruction obstacles.


I’m spending hours of my day downloading and evaluating project invitations.


With STACK, you can store plans and specs from any source in one central preconstruction hub and leverage our plan and keyword search tools to quickly find the details you need to determine your interest in bidding.



I’m having difficulty keeping my team aligned using email or shared servers.


With STACK, team members can stay in sync, always work from the same plans and communicate about key project details anytime, from anywhere –in the office, out in the field or even at home.



I’m working late nights because I don’t have time during the day to complete bids.


With STACK, you can bid more work, in less time. Spend a fraction of the time you spend today and complete bids 10x faster so you can spend more time focused on growing your business and enjoying your down time.



I’m missing things on bids due to a slow, inaccurate paper takeoff process.


With STACK, measuring even the most complex areas, volumes and pitches is fast and simple and you never have to worry about measuring on plans with an incorrect scale. Ensure your bids are competitive and eliminate risk.


When you win, we do too.

See why customers love working with STACK suppliers and manufacturers preconstruction software & how it’s helping them grow.

We chose STACK because it has leading-edge technology that not only fits the needs we have now but also those we anticipate for the future. Using STACK, we're able to perform with greater efficiency, speed and quantity because it's so easy-to-learn.

Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply

Takeoffs are a snap and it's easy-to-use with good assemblies that come with the software.

Reggie, Ken's Discount Building Supply

We are a material distribution yard and I have been doing takeoffs by hand for over 25 years. Stack has made this so much faster and way more accurate. My customers are able to get the orders placed faster due to the quick response we are able to give.

Chris, Lafefront Roofing Supply

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Use STACK to power a 10x faster and more profitable preconstruction process – all from one, easy-to-use, cloud-based platform.

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