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Construction is complex and bidding a new project can take significant time. STACK software includes all of the tools needed to simplify the takeoff process, no matter the trade focus. Spend less time estimating and more time running and growing your business!

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device Access

Gain the freedom to work anytime, anywhere! Whether you’re in the office, out in the field or even at home, STACK’s cloud-based software allows you to access plans and critical project details when & where you need them – from any phone, tablet, Mac or PC. 

Multi-user, Real-time Collaboration

Collaborating with your team and ensuring total alignment on key project details has never been easier. With STACK, your team can access and work from the same plans, in real-time, to quantify materials, create callouts and add project notes quickly.

Unlimited Training & Support

Improving your process and helping you to grow your business is our top priority. From account creation to training to ongoing support, our Customer Success team and vast library of help resources will be there to help, anytime you need it.

STACK is jam-packed full of features to make your job easier!

Our dedicated software development team works tirelessly to continually improve STACK and deliver the enhancements that contractors are clamoring for! New features are added all the time and provided to our customers at no additional cost.

On-screen takeoff

Measure your plans right from your computer for a much faster and accurate takeoff. Read more

Mac & PC Compatible

STACK works with both Mac and PC devices.

Autocount Functionality

STACK’s autocount function eliminates the need for manually counting plan symbols.

Custom Assembly Formula Editor

Build your own custom materials assemblies to make your takeoffs even faster!

Integrates with Excel

Quickly copy takeoff quantities without ever leaving Excel.

Works with PDF, TIFF & Google Earth Images

STACK is fully compatible with Pdf, Tiff and Google Earth plans and images.

Summary & Detail Reporting

A full library of pre-built reports gives you the details you’re looking for.

Pre-built Materials Database

STACK’s materials database is configured with all common construction items.

Plan Page Autonaming

Automatically name your plan pages according to their sheet numbers.

Bookmarking & Hyperlinking

Bookmark the pages important to you and add links to relates plans pages.

Upload Plans from Anywhere

Since STACK software is cloud-based, you can easily upload plans wherever you’re at, from any device.

KEYWORD & Text Search

Simultaneously search all plan titles and content within a project to easily find what you’re looking for.

Runs in the Cloud - No installation

No need to install software, worry about compatibility or mess with software updates.

Printing & Exporting

Easily print or export your plans, reports, materials lists and more.

No-Cost Software Upgrades

You’ll automatically receive the latest software features at no additional cost.


Easily share your project plans, takeoffs & reports with external teams to simplify collaboration.

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