Load-Bearing Software

STACK delivers power and performance throughout the entire preconstruction process. Work through takeoffs and estimates at maximum speed with unmatched accuracy, and leverage intuitive organization, measurement, cost analysis, and proposal features to start and finish project bids on time and poised to win.

05 Metals
With A563 C Nut - 12 Bolts
5/8" x 10" Bent Anchor Bold - 12 Pieces
WT12 X 34 - 2,083.19 Lbs
L5 x 3 x 1/2 - 6,784.00 Lbs

Plan, Spec & Document Management

Stay Focused, Organized & On Track

With project plans, specs, and other documents securely stored in a single, central hub, staying organized has never been easier. Eliminating overflowing bins of blueprints and difficult-to-access file servers, STACK makes sorting and searching simple and helps team members find the details they need, fast.

Plan L

Overlay Plan Versions

Easily review revised plans and identify changes without having to completely redo takeoffs.

Folder L

Organize Intuitively

Use folders and drag & drop functionality for easy and customized plan organization.

Search L

Find Exactly What You're
Looking For

Quickly search all folders and plan pages to locate every needed detail.


Cloud-Based Quantity & Material Takeoff

Saw Through Takeoffs

STACK software rips through calculations with an efficiency that shreds paper and manual methods and outperforms outdated desktop software. Flexible, intuitive takeoff tools bend to your needs, offering a variety of measurement types to quickly and accurately determine material quantities.

With cloud connectivity, takeoffs keep moving as fast as you do – access plans and docs and collaborate anytime, anywhere from any device.

Measure L

Get Fast & Accurate Quantities

See your downtime go up – STACK puts hours back on the clock with easy-to use markup & measuring tools.

Auto L

Use Powerful Automation

Save even more time with tools like AutoCount, takeoff templates, & pre-built materials.

Pro L 1

Leave No Room For Mistakes

Eliminate costly takeoff and estimating errors to bid and win more profitable work.


Detailed Cost Estimating & Proposals

Proposals as Professional as You Are

Advanced preconstruction tools and features sharpen your competitive edge, allowing you to quickly respond to bid requests with thorough, accurate estimates.

Loaded with intuitive tools for any trade, STACK simplifies the bid process for even the most complex jobs. Build and customize winning proposals in a fraction of the time – all while ensuring ideal profit margins.

Checklist L

Items & Assemblies

Seamlessly create a bill of materials for supply orders.

Calc L

Create Detailed Bids & Alt Estimates

Incorporate labor & materials into estimates using pre-built and customizable item and assembly libraries.

Pro L

Project Your Professionalism

Easily create polished proposals complete with your company brand, terms, and other key details. 


Real-Time Collaboration & Connectivity

Work Together Wherever Work Takes You

Never underestimate the power of the cloud. STACK allows you and every member of your internal and external teams to access project plans, details, and reports whether you’re in the office, on a jobsite, or literally in the clouds on your way to the beach. Robust features like plan markup, sharing, and invitation enable and encourage timely communication so you can meet or beat every deadline.

Team L

Keep The Team Aligned

Ensure everyone is always working from the same plan set.

Spec L

Call Attention To Specifics

Quickly address key details using callout and markup tools.

Share L

Share Project Access

Spread the workload and ease workflow by sharing plans or inviting others to collaborate.

When you win, we do too

See why customers love working with STACK & how our software is helping them grow.

Green Stars 1

Easy to use estimating software for both commercial and residential contractors. Additionally, Stack is constantly updating the software with new features, streamlining the interface, working out bugs, and improving the functionality. My favorite functions are the automatic sheet naming, the automatic detail hyperlinking, and overlay function so you can compare revised drawings to the original easily.

Tom, R3 Painting
Green Stars 1

STACK has so many features. It makes taking off plans and completing estimates easy. The customer service reps have been more than helpful and have spent hours helping me out.

Travis, Modera Home Builders
Green Stars 1

STACK has impacted everything we do. We use STACK for estimating, material allocation, change orders and project management. We love how we can collaborate in real-time, from anywhere.

Mitch, Artisan Stoneworks

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