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Keep teams in sync as you muscle through preconstruction and manage plan changes with ease with our general contractors estimating and takeoff software. Use STACK to keep on track during busy workdays with constant access to all your project data. Our construction bidding software simplifies your job so that you can maximize efficiency.

With STACK general contractor software, no job is too big.

Get Shift Done

Don’t let old ways get in your way. STACK general contractor estimating software is the only all-in-one, cloud-based preconstruction platform that drives takeoff and estimate accuracy, streamlines communication and collaboration, and keeps you and your team on top of changes and challenges.

Take control of your precon process with general contractor tools

Eliminate Risk

Ensure accuracy of takeoffs and estimates and easily compare document updates with STACK’s Plan Overlay feature.

Use STACK's API for Seamless Connectivity

Stay on track and on budget – power faster and smoother workflows with STACK.

Work Wherever Work Takes You

With cloud connectivity, STACK is as mobile as you are.

Attract Top Talent

When you’re buttoned up, it’s easy to nail down the workers you want.

Where There's a Challenge, There's a STACK Solution.

STACK takes a wrecking ball to your most frustrating preconstruction obstacles.


I’m spending hours of my day downloading and evaluating project invitations.


With STACK, you can store plans and specs from any source in one central preconstruction hub and leverage our plan and keyword search tools to quickly find the details you need to determine your interest in bidding.



I’m having difficulty keeping my team aligned using email or shared servers.


With STACK, team members can stay in sync, always work from the same plans and communicate about key project details anytime, from anywhere –in the office, out in the field or even at home.



I’m working late nights because I don’t have time during the day to complete bids.


With STACK, you can bid more work, in less time. Spend a fraction of the time you spend today and complete bids 10x faster so you can spend more time focused on growing your business and enjoying your down time.



I’m missing things on bids due to a slow, inaccurate paper takeoff process.


With STACK, measuring even the most complex areas, volumes and pitches is fast and simple and you never have to worry about measuring on plans with an incorrect scale. Ensure your bids are competitive and eliminate risk.


Beck & Company Construction + STACK
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“STACK has dramatically increased the speed and quality of my takeoffs!”

When you win, we do too.

See why customers love working with STACK general contractor tools & how our software is helping them grow.

I have used 10 different programs over the past 20 years. STACK is the best out there! It was very easy to learn and is easy to use.

Matthew, Catworks Construction

The account team was excellent in helping to set our company up with the program. The training sessions were very helpful and informative. We have no regrets at all about choosing STACK.

Charles, Corbin Allen Contractors

I love the product and most importantly the staff is amazing. It is very user friendly. Organizing your plans are made easy and training is readily available. Reports are super easy to pull up. Great product!

Serge, New Living Space Construction

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STACK helps you save time and increase accuracy on your bids and estimates. Our innovative software is user-friendly and accessible from your location worldwide. Use STACK on your phone, desktop computer or laptop — all your documents live in a cloud-based hub for easy access. STACK comes with various valuable features to help you increase productivity and collaboration.

STACK has no fees for maintenance or customer support, and software updates are automatic. We also offer free training for our construction estimate software, and we’ll directly tailor it to your needs. STACK is everything you need for a successful preconstruction process, all in one service.

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