Release Notes

January 2023
Releases v6.5.731 – v6.5.745
Bug Fixes:

Fixed an issue where 3 specific tool tips in the application would not take the user to the Help Article.

Fixed a visual bug where it appeared the overhead, additional markup, and sales tax would not update  when clicking ‘Replace Manual Costs and Update’.  

The calculations were correct, but visually the worksheet was not updating.

Fixed a display warning when a user would try to copy a project when the pages had not finished encoding.

Fixed an issue when using Change Takeoff where the takeoff description was not copied.

Fixed an issue in Reports where a deleted label would still appear in the drop-down menu.

Fixed an issue where report snapshots where not showing label values.

December 2022
Releases v6.5.718 – v6.5.730

New Features and Improvements

Improved the speed of opening an Estimate.


Bug Fixes: 

Fixed a broken link to a Help Article in the Invite modal.
Fixed a broken link to a Help Article in the Share modal.
Fixed an issue when anEstimate was copied, the customer information was not also copied.
Fixed an issue in the Estimate Home screen where a long customer name would exceed the size of the tile.
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